Debate Team Declared Victorious

Ben Hazen ’16
EE Staff Writer

On Wednesday March 27th, Trumbull High School squared off against St. Josephs High School in a debate for the ages. The topic being resolved was “Should The Government Regulate Social Media?” After each side presented their contentions and rebuttals, a winner was affirmed. Trumbull High School was declared victorious.

Debate Team adviser, Hope Spalla was extremely proud of her students. After weeks of intensive preparation and mock debates, the hard work paid off.

“I am honored to advise and groom such a fine group of students,” said Mrs. Spalla. “Each and every one of them has a bright academic and social future as Debate Team has built their credentials. I look forward to more success with the THS Debate Team.”

Currently, Debate Team is an extracurricular activity held at Trumbull High on Thursdays. The Trumbull High Debate team competes in monthly competitions founded by the ACE Foundation. The club’s main objective is to have, “students use analytical and effective communication skills,” which means the ability to think on their feet and construct a persuasive argument.

Debate Club focuses on teaching the intangible skills of formulating an argument in a limited amount of time. One must learn to support their opinion with clear and decisive facts. Debate provides the necessary fundamentals for students to express their feelings in an organized manner. This ever so important skill set remains prevalent through an individual’s lifetime.

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