Spice Up Life with World Language Week

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La semana idioma extranjero, semaine de la langue étrangére, or by its most common name, foreign language week! Every year, typically in April, Trumbull High School puts together world language week. This year, it took place from April 1-5. Students were engaged in various activities such as door decorating, dance day, and a cooking contest.

Delicious, decadent dishes were made by students for the cooking contest. This year, Spanish students were required to bring an entrée, French students brought desserts, Italian students brought pasta dishes, and Latin brought a buffet. Everyone loved trying the various foods that were carefully prepared by the student chefs. At the end of the contest, judges decide a first, second, and third place prize, and the winning groups receive a monetary prize. Despite the final incentive, students love taking part in the annual competition and it is definitely one of the favorite activities during world language week.

One of the most talked about events by students is dance day. Approximately twenty three students volunteered to teach various cultural dances to their fellow classmates. A few of the different dances taught were Latin, Greek, and Brazilian.

Mrs. Arango, a foreign teacher here at Trumbull High School, stated, “The kids had a phenomenal time; everyone was laughing and dancing. Overall, it went very well. The volunteers worked very hard.”

Additionally, an exciting feature of this year’s dance day was the live music. A few select students played the drums to accompany a Brazilian martial arts routine, which brought an entertaining dynamic to the day as a whole. Clearly, the participants’ hard work allowed dance day to be a tremendous success for students were salsa-ing all day long.

In addition, bright and colorful doors dot the hallway for the door decorating portion of the week. Students are allowed to work together to create a design to represent different countries, traditions, and numerous other ideas. Mrs. Giordano’s class took the first place prize this year with a door which represented la tomatina, a tradition that annually takes place in Spain. Everyone worked very hard to complete a prize-winning door, and it brought an exciting pop of color and life into the hallowed halls of Trumbull High School.

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