Sophomore Connor Bailo Gives Back With “BaseBalls 4 a Better Community”

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BaseBalls 4 a Better Community (BB4BC) is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization that supplies baseballs to children who cannot afford them, enabling them to play America’s national pastime. Meet Connor Bailo, a Trumbull High School sophomore who founded BB4BC with a dream to make baseball more accessible for everyone.

Eagle’s Eye: What inspired you to create BB4BC? What gave you the drive for it?

Connor Bailo: Well, I got the idea going in my head by playing travel baseball and traveling to towns nearby. It upset me when I saw that some of the players didn’t have as much equipment (or mediocre equipment), and weren’t as fortunate as my friends and I.  Soon after, when I went to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania, I saw a team from Africa that was playing without shoes. When the news heard about this, the story was everywhere and there was an outpouring of support for them with people donating all sorts of equipment. I wanted to try and do something to help kids who were less fortunate (like the kids from Africa) play baseball, so I started brainstorming what to collect. I decided that baseballs were the way to go – one can outgrow a bat, glove or cleats but not a baseball. I came up with the idea in 2014, but it took a while to actually get everything going. In the books, it is written as created in 2015.

EE: What does tax-exempt mean for those who do not know?

Connor Bailo: Tax-exempt means:

  1. I don’t have to pay taxes on business expenses.
  2. Anyone who gives me a donation can receive a charitable contribution form to add a deduction from their taxes. Even though people may be paying for balls, they are theoretically getting it back when they file their taxes.

EE: What are your goals for BB4BC?

Connor Bailo: I have 3 goals:
1. Raise 1,000,000 baseballs.
2. Of those 1 million, to collect balls from every Major League Baseball team.
3. In the future, go to a Latin American country and build a baseball field.

EE: How did you go about creating and founding BB4BC?

Connor Bailo: The process was pretty long. In order to become a company, you need to become incorporated under the state that you are in. As a result, you need to fill out forms for the Secretary of State of Connecticut and they will judge whether or not you fit the criteria to become incorporated (become a business). That takes a few weeks, and longer when you forget a form (like how I did). Once you become incorporated, you have to file with the IRS to see if you are eligible to become tax-exempt. Since I filed as a non-profit organization, I was able to become tax-exempt. That’s the business side of it, but then their was also the process of making the logo and website. My neighbor helped make the logo (simple), but the website took a bit longer. We had a consulting group donate their services so it was manageable. The hardest part was most definitely trying to incorporate a payment system.

EE: Where will the balls you receive go?

Connor Bailo: I plan on helping the baseball leagues in Bridgeport first. In addition to that, the organization of Little League has a list of youth leagues that are in need of baseballs. I plan on contacting them individually and based on demand, I will see who has the greatest need for baseballs (and will act accordingly). As long as they go to kids who need them, I’ll be happy!

For more information of Bailo’s organization, check out!

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