Leaving the Nest: Seniors Weigh In on the Proper Age for College Readiness

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On Sunday night I am frazzled as I try to perfect the last of my college applications before the 11:59 PM deadline. As I sit in my kitchen staring at the computer screen I cannot believe I have just applied to college.

The average senior spends 18 years, 396 months, or 936 weeks at home, and soon that will all be over. While some teenagers take a gap year, attending college at eighteeen teaches teenagers responsibility and how to mature.

After countless home-cooked meals, laundry always being done, and never having to clean up, college is the place for teens to learn how to grow up. It is the first time teens are truly on their own and have to do things for themselves.

Although college is a lot of work at once and is a big adjustment, it is a good way to lead teenagers into adulthood.

Senior Sophie Nistico states, “College teaches you how to live on your own and how to make your own decisions.”

Furthermore, attending college at eighteen gives teenagers a head start on their careers.

Juliana Dellamarggio says, “College teaches us to be career ready and prepared for the future.”

For some students who would like to go on to graduate, law, or medical school, it will take years for them to finish college.

By taking a few years off between high school and college, it may prolong their goals in the end.

According to Annie Stachura, “College prepares you for life. If you prolong college, you prolong the start of your life.”

While one third of students entering college are undecided, there are still plenty of options for them. No matter what one’s major is, there are certain classes that all students are required to take. For undecided students, going to college may benefit them significantly because they can explore different fields and find something they are truly passionate about.

Colleges are also able to provide numerous resources to help you find what is right for you. In fact, there are many colleges that have buildings and specific dorms dedicated for students who are undecided. Whatever college one attends, there are a plethora of options.

Also, for some students who decide to take a few years off before going to college, it is a possibility that they might become unmotivated to go back to school.

Tom Prizio says, “Going to college right after high school would promote continuous eagerness to learn. The ages eighteen to twenty-one are fun times in life and the experiences should be had at that age.”

However, going to college straight out of high school is not for everyone. Some students find it necessary to take a gap year in order to really think about what they want to do with their future.

“I think twenty is a good age to go to college because it’s important to have time to think about your career path and explore,” states Reena George.

While some need time to think about their future, some students feel like they aren’t mature enough to go to college just yet.
However, college is the place for students to finally mature because they have to learn how to grow up.

College is the place where you learn how to do things for yourself and how to prepare for adulthood. No one told us how to become an adult, however college is the ultimate study guide.

No person is required to go to college at eighteen, but it is beneficial for students instead of taking a gap year. Going to college straight after high school teaches teenagers responsibility, maturity, and how to be an adult. College prepares students for the future and helps them become independent.

In a survey of 100 seniors, 82% said that eighteen is definitely an appropriate age to go to college.
Sooner or later we will all have to grow up and move on from our easy and dependent lives, so it is time to finally leave the nest.

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