BICEN Sweeps the State

This year's team members stand in front of the CCSU Social Sciences building where the competition took place.

This year’s team members stand in front of the CCSU Social Sciences building where the competition took place.

Kiki Yalamanchili ’17
EE Senior Features Editor

Major congratulations are in order for Ms. Boland and her We The People team, as they have once again been crowned Bicentennial State Champions on December 11th at Central Connecticut State University. This year, the team also swept the state in each individual unit category, making this class truly unique.

We The People is run by Civics First Connecticut, a non-profit association which conducts civics-related education programs and projects in Connecticut’s schools. Specifically, their We The People program was established to “promote civic competence and responsibility” amongst all American students. The program has been run since 1987, and has educated over 28 million students during its lifetime.

What makes this team truly prosper is Ms. Boland’s enduring efforts along with the students’ hard work. Nikaash Pasnoori, a senior on the BICEN team, thinks that “under the careful guidance of ms. Boland, we {the class} have progress so much father than I thought we would.” Winning the competition has reminded him of “how far the class has come as a team,” and is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful program here at Trumbull High School.

Night of the the Experts, an evening that simulates the actual competition, as well as trips to a prestigious law office in New York City have truly prepared these Trumbull High seniors for the actual competition. In addition, the class’s tireless hours of perfecting their speeches and familiarizing themselves with every possible topic concerning their unit has brought Trumbull We the People to glory.

Congrats, THS We The People! Trumbull High looks forward to seeing you sweep the country next.

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