The Serious Case of Senioritis

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Co-Managing Editor

senioritisIt’s that time of year. Your parents called you in sick for the third time in a row, because you only are thisclose to being done with first semester of your last year of high school. Homework is being completed the day it’s due versus the night before. Lack of studying and low quiz/test scores have been occurring. And motivation to strive for an A has declined.

Seniors are approaching their last midterms of high school and everything seems optional. The hard work is finally paying off. The hideous SATs have been taken, college essays have been written, applications are sent in or in the midst of being sent in, and the days are flying by. The seniors are ready to say goodbye to being Eagles and hello to their new college mascot.

What could possibly be affecting a majority of the seniors?

You guessed it.


Senioritis is typical in a high school senior. Grades slip, absences increase, and motivation falls. Instead of taking AP Physics, students choose Honors Physics because it’s easier. Students want an easy ride out to graduation.

The fact that some seniors already have gotten their college acceptance letters puts at ease. Alyssa Breunig, who has been accepted to St. Michael’s College in Vermont, stated, “I feel that my motivation has declined 100%.”

There is no concern that they might lose credit in a class for reaching 20 absences. The typical line in the acceptance letter that a student might skip over is, “Your admission is contingent on continued successful performance.”

It is not easy trying to keep up with harder classes, a social life, and extracurricular activities, yet there are ways to beat the flu that is senioritis. Making sure that you keep below the 20 absence line will allow you to keep your credit. Keeping up with homework the night before will allow less stress for anyone rushing to finish the period before. Keep in mind that acceptance letters from college are not a guarantee that you graduate high school. That diploma is what gets you out. So, make sure to keep up your grades to earn the diploma.

Studying might become a boring task but there are ways to keep it interesting. Study with a partner who can bring up potential interesting topics, or with some music low in the background, if it appeals to you and doesn’t distract you. Studying in 30-minute intervals will allow you to have a 15-minute break in between. Senior Shravan Wadhwa says that studying until 9:00 helps him increase grade scores. He likes to have samosas as a snack in between.

It is up to you to finish high school with good grades, keep up the extracurriculars, and keep your spot for admission to college. The lack of motivation to do anything can severely hurt your chances of staying in your dream college. Make senior year a memorable experience that is both positive and successful. Then, and only then, can you relax and toss your cap at graduation.


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