By Madeline Erenberg and Jack Moore
EE Correspondents

Mud, sweat, and even a few tears describe the Tough Mudder. Ms. Alexandria Davies, along with her fellow colleagues Mr. Jeffrey Cayer, Mr. Martin McGrath, Mr. Alex Kovachi, Mr. William Mecca, Mr. Jack LaBarca, and Mr. Eric August decided to start up a team and train for an intense and popular race, known as the Tough Mudder. They decided to use their dedication and commitment in the classroom in a new way, by working towards the goal of  completing a 12-mile course.

Ms. Davies trains for many obstacle races, such as the Spartan Races, Down and Dirty, Wipeout Run, Warrior Dash, a Zombie run, and a total of three Tough Mudders. Overall, she has completed over ten major obstacle races, as well as numerous 5 K’s and half marathons. She completes a rigorous workout routine while balancing her job as a biology and chemistry teacher, coach of JV swim team, and renovating her new home.

“I do a lot of preparation to get ready for the Tough Mudder,” Davies said. “It’s one of the biggest runs that I do. I try to run outside at least three times a week, and do three interval workouts to build up my strength for the obstacles. Signing up to do these races really keeps me committed to working out.”

After months of training and anticipation, the day of the race finally arrived. The massive crowd gathered at the starting line on October 11, 2014 in Englishtown, New Jersey.

“The feeling at the beginning is unreal, everyone came together as one big team, and we all got hyped” Davies said.

Ms. Davies completed the course in about four hours, alongside her teammates. The obstacle portions require effort from not just her, but the whole team.

“I was running on adrenaline the whole time, but I never forgot to look back to make sure my team was behind me. They kept me going, and helped me discover that I could do obstacles that I would have never thought I could handle.”

The Mudder ends in shouts of victory, and a huge after-party to follow. Davies remembers exhaustion at the end, but the sense of accomplishment was so much more memorable.

She continues to train for races and is working towards a new goal. She hopes to complete all three levels of the Spartan Race including a three mile Sprint, eight mile Super, and the 13 mile Beast all in one calendar year, and earn the title known as the “Spartan Trifecta.” Davies is one of the many teachers who find a way to balance life and fitness in a healthy and creative way.

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