Winter Choir Concert Brings Holiday Cheer


Ms. Anne Tornillo reads to the audience the list of pieces the Men’s Ensembles will be performing for the night.

Geethika Kodakara ’16
EE Staff Photographer

The THS choir had their annual winter concert on Thursday, December 17. The concert was enjoyed by a full house; the auditorium was packed! First the concert choir consisting of sophomores, juniors, and seniors performed, then the Freshmen choir, followed by the Women’s and Men’s Vocal Ensembles, and then the Chamber Singers. The night ended with all the members of the choir singing Hallelujah, as they were joined onstage by years of the program’s alumni. The majority of songs were accompanied by  student musicians and instrumentalists, most of whom sing for the choir as well.

The students have been practicing since the beginning of the school year, and songs were picked with careful consideration by the choir director Anne Tornillo.
Kristi Bui, a member of the choir, said, “Being that it was my last winter concert in my high school career, it was a sad yet memorable experience. As both a singer and accompanist, preparing for the winter concerts are always hectic, yet it was worth it because I know that the choir did an amazing job. My favorite piece of the night was Up on the Housetop; it let us expand our creativity for the concert and for me anyways it was the piece i got to have the most fun with, since it’s so funny and uplifting and jazzy”.
Now the choir will begin preparing for their spring concert, and for their awaited trip to New Orleans, where they will perform at various venues.


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