Pride in What You Drive

Matthew Mihaly ’16
EE Contributor


Whether he is laying pipe or cutting grass; he’s trying to make a dollar anyway he can. As a part time plumber and private landscaper, Senior Wayne Bulkley has been working hard to save up his earnings to buy his own pickup truck. With nearly 4,000 saved up over past summers, the Summer of 2015 was the summer Wayne earned enough money to purchase a decent used truck.

“For me choosing a vehicle that was around five grand was difficult; but I never thought the truck that I would choose would have been sitting in my driveway since 2004.” Wayne said.

The truck Wayne is talking about is his father’s 2004 Dodge Dakota. An extended cab truck with four-wheel drive and a six and one-half foot bed. A great small size pickup that was equipped with many options.

“Before summer started I made my father an offer of $4,000, but he initially wanted $5,000.” Wayne said.

Wayne worked real hard that summer; he was hoping that he would be able to make another grand to finally pay for his truck. However with school just around the corner and the summer coming to an end, Wayne was in for a surprise that he didn’t see coming.

“My father came up to me at the end of summer and told me that he was thinking about my offer of $4,000. He eventually told me that I could buy his truck for $4,000,” Wayne said. “He didn’t want me to buy a piece of junk for my first vehicle. He knew that his Dodge would always be reliable for me since my father has always babied it. There would be no problems for me to address because this truck was in great condition.”

This was it; Wayne’s moment of glory. He was now the proud owner of a 2004 Dodge Dakota. All those hard hours of work, all combined with sweat and blood, finally paid off.  Yet, Wayne’s truck journey was far from over. Buying a truck was only the beginning for Wayne. He would soon go on to invest a lump sum of money to soup up his father’s old pickup truck. This included buying new tires, installing an aftermarket radio, a 1.5 inch lift, a light bar, smoked headlights, and LED backup lights.

“I’m just getting started. There will be plenty more additions that I will make to my truck in the future,” Wayne said. Just like his truck, Wayne is building his own American dream.

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