Manchester City Defeats Borussia Monchengladbach


Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling lifts the ball past the defender, over the keeper, and into the net to put City in the lead.

Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

Manchester City went into their game against the powerful Borussia Mönchengladbach with the understanding that winning the group of death would be a long shot. In order for this to occur, Juventas had to lose to Sevilla in the game that had started slightly earlier, and Manchester City had to beat Mönchengladbach.

David Silva started off the game on a good note, scoring in the 16th minute. Raheem Sterling, who turned 21 that day, held the ball from three defenders then sent a back heel pass through them to Silva. For the first time since August, Silva scored, kicking the ball over the goalie and into the back right corner of the goal.

However, Mönchengladbach responded well, picking apart the Man City defense and scoring three minutes later. The defensive line was unable to respond to Fabian Johnson’s run down the field with the ball, and could not stop the low cross to Julian Korb. Korb quickly struck the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal, equalizing the game in three minutes.
Minutes before the half ended, Mönchengladbach took the lead when Oscar Wendt crossed the ball into the middle of the box and Raffael Caetano de Araújo pushed the ball past the goalkeeper.

After half time, Man City upped the tempo of the game, taking more shots on Mönchengladbach’s keeper Yann Somer. The first few shots were denied, but 11 minutes before the game ended, the pressure paid off.

In the 79th minute, Gael Clichy made a run down the field, receiving the ball at the end of the field. Clichy passed the ball back into the center of the box. Wilfried Bony went for the shot and missed, but Sterling recovered, shooting the ball from close range with his left foot. Man City was finally tied with Mönchengladbach with ten minutes left to try and win.

Only two minutes later, Sterling did it again, putting Manchester City ahead. Off a header from Silva, Bony took the ball down the center of the field. Sterling sprinted down the field with Bony, opening up for a pass right in the center of the box. In one touch, Sterling lifted the ball past a defender, over the keeper’s head, and into the back of the net.

Sterling’s performance was topped off with a final goal from Bony in the 85th minute. After a give and go with Sterling, Aleksander Kolorov found space in the corner of the field to cross the ball to Bony. Bony’s first attempt went straight into the legs of defender Havard Nordtveit, but Bony recovered quickly, pouncing on the rebound and putting the ball into the bottom right corner with his left foot.

While the Man City and Mönchengladbach game was occurring, Sevilla defeated Juventus with a header in the 65th minute. Sevilla’s victory allowed it and Manchester City to advance to the Round of 16 in the Champions League, which will take place in February 2016.

Furthermore, by topping the group, Manchester City will avoid playing advanced teams such as last year’s champion, Barcelona, in the first round, Last year, City suffered an early elimination after they were placed against Barcelona in the Round of 16, due to their second place group finish.

Throughout the game, Man City had 51% position and Borussia had 49%. City had 20 shots with nine on target, while Mönchengladbach had 12 with only four on target.

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