Manya Kidambi ’18
EE Asst. Entertainment Editor

Recently, the students of the Trumbull High School Model United Nations club visited the University of Connecticut along with advisors Mr. LaBarca and Ms. Davies to take part in the UCONN Model United Nations, or UCMUN.

For the Model UN club, UCMUN is traditionally the fall conference, which is the first one of the year. Undoubtedly, this is a great conference for first time members as they have the opportunity to learn the skills of the conferences in a more relaxed environment.

“When I first joined Model UN, I didn’t know what to expect. Developing new points of view and hearing those of others has always been something that interests me so, I decided to try it out. Initially, I was nervous for my first conference at UCMUN, but I learned pretty quickly that it’s a great experience. I got to meet a ton of new people and interact in a totally new type of environment,” said sophomore Vittorio Colicci.

This conference tested the abilities of the club members as they went through 3 days of debate on pressing worldwide issues. Topics ranged from granting asylum, to whistleblowers, the use of private military companies, and AIDS.
Trumbull High took home a total of 9 awards from this conference, including the award for the Best Delegate in the Entire Conference, or the Betty Hanson Award.

The recipient of this award was junior Kiki Yalamanchili, who won Best Delegate last year at UCMUN. Students also took home Honorable Mentions for Best Delegate, Best Delegate, and Most Improved Delegate awards.
To provide an introduction, the Model United Nations club essentially focuses on coming up with a resolution to a topic, such as the ones mentioned above.

This is done through a series of debates and committee sessions that can last hours. A few rounds of debate on one topic is usually followed by a working paper, which is a basic outline of what the resolution entails. It can be changed when different countries disagree.

This club appeals to students of all interests because the topics can be scientific as well as historical, perfect for any student interested in joining a club and getting involved.

“I’ve definitely found a passion in MUN and think that it’s perfect for anyone who is looking for something different and exciting as well,” said Colicci.

“Having taken home so many awards, going to UCMUN made me proud to be a part of THSMUN,” said sophomore Stefano Mancini, who is the under-secretary general of Trumbull High School’s Model UN club.
Not only is Model UN an excellent club to participate in because it is an extremely rewarding experience, but the togetherness of the club as a whole is significant.

“I can’t stress enough the bonds we created as a club on the trip – when our long days discussing environmental standards and weapons reductions were over, we always had a great time as a club, and this really attests to the spirit we have and how passionate we are about the club. I can’t speak highly enough about UCMUN and the club itself,” said Mancini.
Clearly, Model UN is one of the best clubs at Trumbull High School, and the most recent trip to UConn was a great success!

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