Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss

annaLia Horyczun ‘16
EE Managing Editor

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Paris is always a good idea…right? Not for Anna Oliphant who is currently entering her senior year with everything finally landing in place only to be ripped from her when her father sends her to boarding school. How can Anna leave her boyfriend-to-be, her best friend Bridgette, and her brother behind in America? How does Anna cope with the adjustment to Paris when she does not want to be there?

Anna barely speaks French, barely traveled, and is struggling with the foreign world on her own. Anna is passionate about film and her dream job is to be a film critic. Strong willed and prideful, her first week of adjustment leaves her very hungry as she does not know how to order in French. Eventually, Anna meets her gorgeous British-American classmate Etienne St. Claire, friendly Meredith Chevalier, artsy Josh Wasserstein, and book smart Rashmi Devi. They all prove to be long time School of America in Paris’ students speaking fluent French. The five navigate their senior year (with the exception of Josh) and battle the rough terrain of romance.

Anna immediately feels attraction to the handsome Brit St. Claire. He helps Anna explore Paris when Anna has not taken the initiative to do so. The two become best friends who could tell each other anything. St. Claire proves to be more than a guy who’s good to look at. He is passionate about history and he has his own problems to deal with. There is only one problem: St. Claire has a serious girlfriend and Anna knows she wants more.

Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss was released on December 2, 2010. Perkins’ is also known for Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After. Perkins captures to exact essence of a teenager with a crush. This book is a great feel-good without a huge deeper meaning. This book is geared towards romance-loving audiences as well as going through changes in life. “No one captures the exhilarating and exhausting ‘but-does-he-like-me?!’ question better than Stephanie Perkins. A scrumptious read.” —JUSTINA CHEN, author of North of Beautiful.

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