A Record Breaking Season

ct-cttrumbullhighschool-letter-150Bhavya Bhushan ‘16
EE Sports Editor

This year’s boys indoor track team has already found a place on the records board, and a single championship meet has not occurred yet. The boys now hold the record for the 4x800m relay and the 1000 meter run, and they plan on breaking two more.

On January 8, at the Alpha Owl Invitational held at Southern Connecticut State University, both junior Tyler Gleen and sophomore Tyler Rubush broke the record for the thousand. It was expected that Gleen, state champion in the 600 meter run, would break the record. However, Rubush also stepped up to the challenge, despite his lack of experience. He said, “Going into the thousand I really didn’t know how I was going to do. It was my first official thousand so I really didn’t have much experience in the race.”

Gleen and Rubush were in the same heat of the race, facing the same competitors. Both had the same strategy: to stay near the front of the pack. However, one of the boys in their heat went out too fast, making the race even more challenging. Gleen said, “It was tough to ignore him, but I knew if I went with him I would also die. So I stayed at a constant pace so when he died I could pass him and hang on.”

Eventually, the boy at the front died and Gleen took the lead, finishing the race in 2:39.02, breaking the school record of 2:40.8. Rubush, with an incredible kick in the final 100 meters, finished behind Gleen in second place with a time of 2:40.43, also breaking the record.

Though Gleen holds the record, Rubush certainly proved himself to be one of the best runners the school has seen, and only as a sophomore. Rubush said, “This year I decided to start training a couple months before the season started so I could get into good shape. Last year I did sprinting which went well for me and got me into good shape, but this year I’m doing mid-distance and it’s gotten me in way better shape.”

One week later, at the 34th Yale Interscholastic Track Classic, the boys broke the record for the 4×800 meter relay. The relay, made up of senior Dylan McEniry, senior Taylor Auten, Rubush and Gleen had never run the race as a team. It was Rubush’s first time running this race. Despite these obstacles, the boys were still confident. Auten said, “We were really excited going into the race because we knew we were capable of breaking the school record. We were in shape, we just needed to actually run the times.”

McEniry started off the race, and was pushed back by runners from opposing teams. By the end of the 800 however, McEniry had fought his way closer to the front. He handed the baton off to Rubush in 2:04. Rubush ran the team’s second fastest split of 2:00. He said, “The last lap of my leg I was in third and I felt pretty good going into it, so I kicked before everyone else did which got me the lead and let me hold it for the rest of the lap.”

Auten took the third leg, running a split of 2:03 but losing the lead to Danbury in the last lap. Gleen finished off the race with a time of 1:56, losing to Danbury by only half a second. The team’s time of 8:06.69 broke the school record by six seconds, and ranked the team as number two in the state, second only to Danbury. The team was also ranked 19th in the nation, qualifying the boys to run at the indoor track national championships in March.

After all of these accomplishments, the boys are still ambitious. Auten said, “We are obviously very happy with our time, but know that each of us can improve even more, and hope to break 8:00 before the end of the season.”

The boys 4×400 meter relay, also consisting of McEniry, Rubush, Auten, and Gleen is three seconds off from breaking the school record. In addition, Gleen is .2 seconds off from breaking the school record in the 600m run. With championship meets approaching, the boys hope to break these records and improve their existing records.


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