Trumped Once but Triumphant Twice

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Greenville, South Carolina

Candidates at the South Carolina GOP debate.

Ethan Bachand ’18
EE Staff Writer

In a turn of events, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has regained his spot at as the frontrunner in the Republican Nomination following his victory at the New Hampshire Primary. After falling short to Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the 2016 Iowa Caucus, the self made billionaire responded emphatically, winning over 35% of New Hampshire voters. He would continue his path of domination into South Carolina, where he would win every single delegate.

Originally, many people were shocked by what happened in Iowa. This naturally lead to questioning of whether Trump was truly leading the race for the Republican nomination. However, Trump has certainly picked up momentum, following a dominant showing in which he created a 19.5% margin between him and runner up John Kasich as well as Trump winning by 10% in South Carolina.

This may be a step in the right direction for Trump, but many people still believe that he is not the most likely Republican to challenge for the White House. In a poll taken across 5 different classes, only 33% of students think that Trump is the most likely to win the nomination while 47% of students believe that Senator Cruz will be the one to make America great again.

When asked about what she thinks of Donald Trump, Sophomore Katelyn Ariano replied “Quite frankly, he is an entertainer in this election.” She would continue to say that Trump “is just running for himself”. This echoes many of Americans concerns about Trump, as many believe that he is not a serious candidate. However, with Trump retaining 67 of the 99 delegates to be distributed so far, it may be time to take him seriously.

Simultaneously, the field is beginning to thin. The most recent candidate to close their bid being Jeb Bush, who a year ago was one of the top Republicans. After missing his last opportunity in South Carolina, it was seen by most to be an inevitability. Sophomore Jack Forester commented on Bush, saying that “It is too late for Jeb Bush, he is just too far behind”. Bush joins the ranks of Governor Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, and must wait another 4 years before he can throw his name in the proverbial hat once more.

This leaves just five candidates and 47 more states to go. With Trump dominating, everyone is trying to loosen his grip on the Republican Candidacy. Senators Cruz and Rubio are both clawing to reach that number one spot, with Kasich and Carson hanging on. The question remains whether Rubio or Cruz can make the necessary move to overthrow the billionaire’s place as number one, but for now, Trump still sits high above the rest.


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