Gleen Runs Into Yet Another Victory

Kate Ariano ’18
EE Staff Writer

Years of battling several concussions and struggling to find a passion where he could feel at home, all led up to this moment for junior and middle distance track runner, Tyler Gleen. At the New England Championship Indoor Track and Field Meet in Boston, MA from February 26th to the 28th, Gleen and teammates Dylan McEniry, Tyler Rubush, and Taylor Auten ran the 4×800 meter race to place eighth overall. Gleen raced into first place with an outstanding time of 1:19:86 in the 600 meter.

“I have fun hanging out with the team in dual meets and I just treated New England’s the same way” Gleen explains. “Last year, I was lucky enough to get 4th so by getting 1st this year it’s really rewarding.”

Gleen was born an athlete, it was just a matter of finding which sport suited him. He has tried hockey, baseball, and even football. Unfortunately, health reasons permitted him from continuing to play any of these contact sports. Thanks to then and still friend, Charlie Taubl, Gleen was convinced to join the indoor track team freshman year.

Making varsity every year of track, Gleen holds multiple school records and is ranked on a national level. As of right now, he is the second fastest 600 meter runner in the country, something he looks forward to improving upon when he attends the Nationals meet. As such an extraordinary athlete as he, one may ask how Gleen remains incredibly humble about his talent.

His answer is inspiring.

“I guess it’s because of my mother. Whenever I accomplished something, she would tell me ‘Great job, I’m so proud of you. And now what’s next?’ So I don’t relive the past; I move forward.”

This is just one of the reasons that Gleen is not only someone to be looked at as a stellar athlete who will go down in school history, but he is thankful for his abilities. He accredits his family and friends, as well as coaches and teammates, for getting him to where he is now.
As for the advice he would give to athletes just starting out as he once did, his words are universal; anyone can take something away from what he says and apply it to whatever their passion is. Coming from a true school hero and nationwide idol, Gleen encourages, “You got to have fun doing what you are doing. And the harder you work the farther you’ll go.”

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