Dauntless Attempt, Mediocre Outcome


The initial release photo for the movie Allegiant

Christina DeBenedetto ’16
EE Staff Writer

The movie Allegiant, the third in the Divergent series, chronicled Tris Prior’s adventure past the walls of Chicago and into the unknown area in this dystopian and futuristic movie. Allegiant was released on March 18, 2016, and is the third out of four of the films in the series. Part two of Allegiant is scheduled to be released during March of 2017.

In Divergent Series, Tris Prior and her boyfriend Tobias “Four” Eaton, who originally met in the first film titled Divergent, join together with others who want the world to be a free place without corrupt leaders and suffering of the population for the welfare of a few privileged elite. Allegiant begins where the second movie in the series left off: with Tobias’s mother leading Chicago and holding trials for all of the traitors from the Erudite and Dauntless factions who put the citizens of Chicago in danger when they attempted to gain control over the faction system and the old leaders. However, Tris and Four decide that it is not their destiny to stay trapped inside the walls of Chicago forever and must do what no one has attempted to, or even thought of doing before: Go beyond the walls of Chicago and see what, or who, is outside. According to a video message they received, the Divergent people, such as Four and Tris, are the only hope for humanity. Allegiant’s plot focuses on what happens to Tris and Four when they go beyond the walls and what truths they discover that change what they think about the world, and themselves, forever.

Overall, the movie was very slow paced. With very few actions scenes and many unnecessary background subplots that did not amount to anything or do anything to continue the story, the film was very dull in the middle. Also, the conflict was very predictable from the beginning. In each of the Divergent movies, there seems to be a pattern that the plot follows: The leaders who are suppose to be helping are actually going to destroy all of the citizens and it is up to Tris and Four to stop them, and once they stop them, the next leaders do the same thing as the previous ones. While this could be a comment on how human nature constantly moves through cycles of rebellion and peace, I believe that it was an unintentional pattern created by the writer.

The Divergent films have consistently received more negative reviews with each release of a new movie. While the first one received a 40% approval rating on Rotton Tomatoes, the second only received 29%, and Allegiant was only liked by 10% of the critics. I believe that Allegiant deserves a 3 out of 5 stars overall because despite the semi-boring plot and lack of originality, the acting and set of the movie were extremely well done.


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