How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Takes The Stage

h2s2Gabby Tropp ’16
EE Senior News Editor

From March 17th-20th, Trumbull High put on
their production of the Tony Award Winning
musical How to Succeed in Business Without
Really Trying. The show featured Michael
Lepore, a senior and two-time winner of the CT High School
Music Theater Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor, as the
leading man, J. Pierrepont Finch. He was played opposite Ava
Gallo, who assumed the role of Rosemary Pilkington.

The plot followed Finch’s plan to climb to the top of the corporate
ladder at World Wide Wickets with minimal effort, as well as Rosemary’s
plan to marry Finch. Along the way they encountered friends such as J.B.
Biggley (Zac Gottschall), the president of the company, Smitty (Katherine
Griffin), Mr. Bratt (Jack Leonard), Mr. Twimble (Matt Buckwald),
Hedy LaRue (Alex Luft), and Miss Jones, played by freshman Jackie
Mate. Finch’s main rival was Bud Frump, Biggley’s nephew, who
was played by freshman Harrison Gilberti.

This show marked the end of an era for much of the cast, as most of the
THeSpians will not be studying theatre in college. Matt Buckwald said,
“Leaving THS theater is bittersweet. I’ve grown to love many of the people
I’ve met, but training in this program has prepared me for bigger and
better things.”

However, How to Succeed was the beginning of something great
for many other cast members. Harrison Gilberti, who experienced
his debut on the THS mainstage, said, “I was beyond happy and
so excited to be in my first THS performance. I had been looking
forward to it all year.”

This production was a huge success from a behind-the-scenes perspective
as well. THS sets get bigger and more involved every year, and crew
members learned about all sorts of new technology and building techniques
when creating the set and props for H2$. This year, the production also
included a lobby design featuring a mock mailroom, a boutique,
a bookshop, and other displays focused on the theme of success.

Mia McKinney, a sophomore who will be taking on the role of
stage manager next year, said, “I learned that when so many people come together to make
something, it really binds them together because everyone is
working toward a collective goal. During H2$, every person had a
different but specific role to play on and off the stage, and all of them
are equally important.”

Whether How to Succeed wasa first or last experience with THS
theater, no one could argue with the fact that the thespians put on
yet another fantastic show

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