Some Goodbyes…

rachel troppRachel Tropp ’16
EE Editor-in-Chief

Walking into my first Eagle’s Eye meeting a confused freshman, dragged by a more interested friend, I could never have guessed I’d end up here. It’s been a long four years, with both ups and downs. The perks have been great: free admission to the World Language Cooking Contest (and hence free food), fun layout nights with pizza and friends, and the opportunity to share my thoughts with the school.

The weeks I’ve spent scrambling to produce a paper most people didn’t know existed have definitely been worth it, and I’ll miss the pride of seeing my articles in print, but I’m so excited for next year’s team to make the paper even better and hopefully increase readership. If you’re reading this, join Eagle’s Eye next year! Or just read it. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Help all the writers and editors who work so hard to make your accomplishments and interests known to be recognized and heard.
The three people taking our places are so capable and amazing, and I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish.

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