Some Goodbyes…

liaLia Horyczun ’16
EE Co-Managing Editor

I cannot believe that my Eagle’s Eye journey is closing so soon. In all honesty, I was trying to avoid my dad’s journalistic footsteps. Yet, I got pulled into The Eagle’s Eye my freshman year as I was taking journalism as an elective.

I loved it and wanted to pursue it as an afterschool activity. I had no idea how involved I would get. If you asked me then if I was going to take a leadership position in my senior year, I would have laughed.

It’s pretty strange to think that my days at THS are numbered as well as my days with The Eagle’s Eye. I have been deeply involved with The Eagle’s Eye in various different ways. My sophomore year, I was the Senior News Editor, which allowed me to write about different topics inside THS and outside of THS. In my junior year, my interest in photography led me to take on the newly created position of Staff Photographer. This position has allowed me to be even more innovative with a different creative perspective.

This year, as Co-Managing Editor, The Eagle’s Eye has definitely been a wild ride. I immensely enjoyed being one of the three primary student liaisons managing the overall paper. I’m so happy that we’ve definitely hit our target goal for the number of editions we wanted to print for the year. Also, our online website has had almost ONE MILLION hits and counting.

Saying goodbye is very bittersweet for me. I will never forget the memories and experiences I had in the last four years.
I strongly believe that The Eagle’s Eye will continue to be in good hands next year. I hope that the online newspaper becomes even more popular and a place where any and all students can voice informed opinions. Thank you to all those who I’ve made friends with over laborious InDesign Layout Nights, and especially to Mr. Pelligra, for all those all-too-frequent visits during study hall, and Kristi and Rachel for dealing with my late night texts fretting about the newspaper. Editor edited and out.

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