Academic Decathlon Eyes Return to Nationals

acadec3Ethan Bachand ’18
EE Co-News Editor

Last year; Academic Decathlon, one of the smallest clubs in the school, put on an amazing performance at states that would send them to the national competition in Alaska. There, all members of the team performed for their first time on the national level. Now, following such an incredible year, the club looks to head to Nationals once again.

Speaking on last year’s performance, junior Dajeah Woolery, who was a member of the nationals team, said that she was extremely surprised that the team made it to nationals. “I knew we had the skill, I knew we worked hard but we also had fierce competition,” said Woolery. “In fact, when they called our names I thought we got second.”

However, the highlights did not stop there. Speaking about Nationals itself, Woolery would go on to say that “Nationals felt mind blowing. If you don’t do decathlon it can be hard to imagine how it could be so much fun but we got to meet with people from all over the world who enjoyed the same thing we did. ”

With a new year beginning, the team’s expectations are higher now. Knowing how great their first trip to Nationals was along with the fact they’ve made it before, they hope to repeat the experience.

Yet they can not get there without the same determination that had won them the state last year. Fellow junior and Nationals team member Ishan Negi recognizes this clearly. Speaking to Negi about what the goals were this year, he commented that “there’s a huge burden on the team’s shoulders, seeing as we would like to come back to states and complete a repeat. However, the competition is going to be tough, and we need to prepare adequately.”

At the same time, he is optimistic of what the team can achieve. “I have high expectations for myself and all of my teammates, which I believe we can meet if we focus on each subject.”

With a majority of their members from the Nationals team returning with confidence from their success, a trip to Nationals is well within their reach. Their experiences only makes them more prepared, and they plan on improving off of what was already a great year. Ultimately, the Academic Decathlon team is poised for a great year.

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