THS Music Department Tunes Up for New School Year

Jessica Parillo ’18
EE Co-Managing Editor

Marching Band

For students in the THS Golden Eagle Marching Band, music isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. At least, after two weeks of twelve hour day band camp in addition to Tuesday and Thursday practices, it certainly seems to be. Band members have been working on their fall show since the beginning of summer, and their hard work has definitely begun to pay off.

On September 17, the THSGEMB kicked off the start to their 2016 season with a performance at Brien McMahon high school in Norwalk. Their show, titled “Metalmorphosis”, features songs such as Gavorkna Fanfare, Foundry, Lyric Metal and Kala, which are heavy and rhythmic to fit the theme. They have also incorporated the use of “metal-stations”, large free-standing props structured from metallic pipes and materials, which help the band achieve their brassy sound.

This year, the band is led by three Drum Majors; Senior Michael Collins, and Juniors Rachel Vincent and Elizabeth Kramer. Commenting on her role as a leader in this year’s show, Kramer says “I have learned how to inspire others. As a drum major I experienced first hand what it means to be a leader and how I can be the best that I can be so that the band members see that.” Judging by the success of this year’s show so far, Kramer and the other Drum Majors have filled this leadership role well.

THSGEMB is a Group VI Open band, which is the class given to bands comprised of more than 90 members. Performing against rival band Norwalk, Trumbull swept the competition to secure a first place victory with an overall score of 80.55, leading by over 1 point.

“As I walk with the band onto the field before the competition, I definitely feel nervous,” Kramer says. “But, when I’m standing on the podium and look out at the band members’ faces, I feel confident and comfortable.”

This is just the beginning of a hopefully long streak of wins for the THSGEMB. They will be performing at US Band competitions every Saturday through the beginning of November, including a show at the University of Delaware as well as MetLife Stadium. Good luck to the band, and be sure to come support them at their home show on October 1st!

The Trumbull High School Choirs have a full schedule this fall as they practice for and perform at local concerts. Freshmen, Concert, and Chamber Singers under the direction of Ms. Anne Tornillo are already in full preparation mode learning music for their winter concert, the date of which is arriving quicker than most may expect.

Yet leading up to this primary performance are a series of other events. Most recently, students have been working on audition pieces for the Western Regional Music Festival, which features scores from the classical works of Italian Songs and Arias. The Chamber Singers will also be performing the National Anthem at the annual Pumpkin Run, and are excited to be collaborating with the Connecticut Chamber Choir in a joint concert this upcoming November.

“I’m excited for the in-school and community performances,” says Junior and Chamber Singer Helen Samoskevich. “The concerts are also enjoyable as we anticipate the date for so long and then we finally get to share our music with the audience.”
Concert attendance is encouraged by the public, and the Chamber Singers readily become involved in the community. Look for them at the Veteran’s Day Assembly, or at their visits to the two Trumbull middle schools. Whether it be through daily class, participating in an after-school Ensembles class, or performing locally, choir members work hard to showcase their music for all to enjoy.

“Choir is living proof that with hard work comes success,” Samoskevich continues. “ Ms. T pushes us so hard so that we sound our very best. It’s not easy work, but it’s very rewarding and a fun process with an entertaining bunch!”

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