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Caroline Adams ’17
Lily Thompson ’17
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Train rides to New York City every weekend, interning for New York Fashion Week, starting a photography magazine filled with art and fashion, and working trade shows are not things that many people get to experience. However, Manuela Artia, Trumbull High senior and the Fashion Club founder, is the girl who gets to do that.

With arguably the best fashion sense in the senior class, Manuela is able to show how creative and talented she really is, and she is able to prove to many that she was born to make it in the fashion business.

Working backstage at New York Fashion Week and interning in the Big Apple has proven that Manuela Artia means business, and deserves to show to the whirlwind of the fashion industry that her name will be big one day. With the new project she’s beginning of starting a fashion and art magazine, Manuela is getting ready to take her leap into the world of new trends and beautiful clothing.

“I probably learned most from my internship. I’m dealing with what I want to do in the future…”, Manuela explains. “Stuff I learned in my internship, I can’t learn in a normal classroom setting”. Manuela was clearly born to live her young adult life outside the walls of Trumbull High.

Her experiences, starting at such a young age, sprung her outside of her comfort zone sooner than most teenagers. “I learned how to act professional and what is expected of me…”, Manuela says. She has matured over the past few years, working with mostly adults, making her ability to work with different types of people unlike any others.

“I’m starting a new project with my friend…we’re working on creating a photography magazine, showing art and fashion and how the New York culture and city life bleeds into the suburbs.” Manuela’s new magazine will feature young adults and how they show their creativity throughout their everyday lives. This is just a sneak peak for a potential career Manuela is striving for.

Mandy Cusumano is a close friend of Manuela. “I’ve known her for about 7 years now….her life is very out of the ordinary compared to our other friends. She really doesn’t fool around when it comes to her future or any new task that comes up. That really motivates me to be more passionate in my goals and future dreams.”

Mandy goes on to explain how close they’ve been able to stay, even with Manuela’s weekly commutes to the city and extracurricular activities. Manuela’s life is very inspiring to everyone. Others, who may be close or to her or not, can easily see the potential and passion that she has for doing what she loves. Without a doubt, Manuela will be successful in everything she sets her heart to, and will one day be known by most of the world for her passion of fashion.

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