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Brian McPartland ’17
EE Staff Writer

200342_171755186210615_1701055_nCompetition fuels athletes. Senior Ryan Ruff has been playing soccer since grade three, but during the past year, Ruff decided he also wanted to compete as a Division 1 athlete.

Although having never played soccer for the school, Ruff is still regarded as one of the best strikers in the area thanks to his performance on elite club teams, which play and practice year round.

“When I was a freshman I realized that I wanted to play in college because the sport could get me into a good academic school and it could take my mind off the negative distractions that every college student faces,” said Ruff.

Ruff balances school work, soccer practices and football practices. He does this to prepare himself for what his life will be like in a year as a college athlete.

“The University of New Hampshire was the first school to reach out to me. I was excited because I had heard good things about the school however, I was very nervous to talk to the coach,” said Ruff.

Today Ruff has more than one scholarship offer including his number one school, The University of Connecticut. Although that seems like everything he could ask for, Ruff still has not committed to play at a school yet.

“I’m waiting to see what my best offers are. It’s still very early and better things could come. I don’t want to jump on the first offer and regret it in the future,” said Ruff. “My parents are leaving the decision completely up to me. They just don’t want me to go somewhere too far away from home or somewhere that’s too expensive.”

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