Mia McCaffrey Stars in “Fighter” Music Video

Kate Romanchick ’17
EE Co-Sports Editor


Mia McCaffrey from a scene in the Taylor Tote Band’s “Fighter” video.

Mia McCaffrey, daughter of THS teacher Mr. McCaffrey, is creating a huge impact on the community. Mia was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. Saying that Mia is a “Fighter” is an understatement. Every day, she deals with treatment and the effects of it. Despite this, she goes to school when she can, and continues to be a ray of sunshine to the McCaffrey family.

To add to Mia’s recent resumé of being awesome, she starred in an empowering new music video. The song “Fighter” by Taylor Tote Band highlights the strengths of those battling cancer and the never ending love and support their family and community feels for them. These aspects ring true for Mia as she plays a young girl battling cancer. The actual video sends a beautiful message of love and togetherness, two things the McCaffrey family are champions of. “The video represents Mia’s amazing spirit and strength,” said Mr. McCaffrey, commenting on his feelings after watching the video. “When I watch it I feel both very proud and very sad because no child deserves what Mia is going through, but I know she had a great time acting in the video.”

What Mia is going through is devastating, but the strength she has shown throughout her treatment makes her a hero to all those around her. A common phrase throughout Trumbull is “Mia Strong”. This phrase holds two meanings. Not only are we as a community wishing for Mia to stay strong, we are also declaring how she gives us strength through her fight.

All proceeds from the song “Fighter” by Taylor Tote Band will go to childhood cancer research. Purchasing the song and donating through links in the music video’s description will help a great cause that affects tens of thousands of children every year.

Watch Mia in the Taylor Tote Band video here!


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