Spirit Week Soars to New Heights

Ethan Bachand ’18
EE Co-News Editor

Mr. Guarino addresses students at the October 28th pep rally, the culminating event of Spirit Week 2016.

Once again, Spirit Week was a huge hit with the Trumbull High School community. For one week, students from all grade levels were able to participate in daily celebrations of school spirit. Whether it was through wearing their favorite pajamas or wearing every article of a certain color clothing, students displayed their spirit at full effect. There was no holding back this year, with every person showing what a golden opportunity it is.

It is one of the specific times throughout the year that the community collectively participates in a well organized event where school spirit is at the forefront. It becomes competitive as to who can come up witht the best outfit of the day and truly optimize the theme. Each class and student craves the spotlight as they try to rise to the top as the most spirited.

Photos courtesy of Archana Ajay ’18
EE Staff Photographer

The purpose is not just so students can dress from the 60s or spray paint their hair gold, but rather to form the important bond between a student and the rest of the school, unifying over 2000 students.

Junior Michael Hazen is one of these people that truly enjoy Spirit Week. “I don’t particularly participate in it that much,” Hazen said, “but it is still one of my favorite weeks out of the year. You can tell there is just a little more excitement around the school, no matter what day it is. Everyone is having fun, and that is something that connects everyone.”

This year would be no disappointment, with a spectacular line up of themes. To start off the week, students were able to waltz right into school in what they woke up in, sporting their favorite pajamas. The variety of these lazy day outfits ranged from normal pajama pants to elaborate onesies.

The next two days brought equal excitement, with students rocking their favorite decades’ gear on Tuesday, followed by a sea of blue, green, red, and white for the Color Wars on Wednesday. Commenting on the Color Wars, Hazen said that it was “without a doubt [his] favorite day. Each grade gets to take pride in their class, and [everyone] makes sure to show it.”

The final two days were no change from years past, with the ever popular Sponsor a Senior Day followed by Black and Gold Day. Sponsor a Senior was accompanied by its typical level of ridiculousness, with both the seniors and their respective underclassmen going all out. As for Black and Gold Day, every piece of school apparel came out of the closet to ensure that everyone showed their best school spirit.  Gold bead necklaces were in no short abundance, nor was black war paint. To cap off the week, Student Council would put on an amazing pep rally.

Despite all the fun, there are still some things students still want to see. Speaking on what he wants to see in the future, Hazen said, “The one thing I think we should do is replace pajama day with some sort of movie day, where people can dress up as their favorite movie character or something. That’s really the only change I would make, besides that it’s all pretty good.”

Though it may be well over by now, no student will soon forget this year’s Spirit Week. No day fell short of expectations, and there is no question of its success. Now, the hope is that next year can live up to the high standard from this year.


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