Class of 2017 makes SAS Great Again

Ethan Bachand ‘18
EE Co-News Editor

Power Rangers, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a Donald Trump. Not something you would regularly see at Trumbull High, but Sponsor a Senior is no normal day. It is a culmination of an entire class of students raising money at an uncomparable rate, while also giving seniors the opportunity to have fun.

The event is an annual phenomenon where seniors sponsored by underclassman dress up in a wide variety of costumes that never fail to entertain the entire school. Seniors truly seize the opportunity to wear elaborate attire to school for one day out of the year. Students spend hours organizing costumes with friends and the people renting them in order to capitalize on their one shot at Sponsor a Senior.

Speaking on his experience participating this year in SAS, Jeff Delgado said, “[Sponsor a Senior Day was] One of the most anticipated days since my freshman year. It’s the battle of the creative minds in Trumbull High”.

By the time they reach their senior year, students have experienced three of these magical days where the whole school comes alive with excitement and fun, so they do not want to disappoint. They hope to one day be remembered for the performance they put on, like so many that had participated before them.

This year, the Class of 2017 met every single expectation. Combining political satires with common images from everyday life, along with a fair amount of single acts to multiple group costumes, this year’s seniors put on quite a show. To name a few from a sea of many fantastic ensembles, some of the most memorable ones were the boys’ soccer team as police officers, a group of resilient bowling pins, and a pope.

But the one that may have stolen the show was a spot-on Donald Trump impersonator, with the podium and all. “Trump” marched around school all day, giving speeches wherever he stopped. To junior Seth Simon, this would be the highlight of his day.

“Of the three years I have been here, this was without a doubt the best thing I have ever seen on Sponsor a Senior day. I couldn’t stop laughing, every single thing he said was literally perfect. I have never heard a Trump impression nearly that good.”

With no shortage of memorable moments, one must question what ridiculousness to expect next year. The class of 2017 lived up to the potential of SAS, but can the class of 2018? Only one thing is for sure, that Sponsor a Senior will remain an annual source of excitement and fun for every student here.

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