Inferno: A New Take on the Old Myth

Madeline Nigro ’19
EE Staff Writer

infernoInferno was insanely good. If you enjoyed the book or watched the movie The Davinci Code, you will love Inferno.

Tom Hanks is at it again playing the code-breaking professor Robert Langdon. However, this time, instead of being called to solve a murder mystery dating back to the times of Jesus, Langdon is found in Florence with no memory of the last forty-eight hours.

When he meets medical doctor Sienna Brooks, played by Rogue One’s Felicity Jones, the professor is soon attacked by a woman shooting at him. After Langdon and Brooks escape the hospital, with some difficulty considering Langdon’s injuries due to a bullet wound to the head and a hard fall, the pair find out about Dante’s Inferno. This served as our vision of Hell ever since Dante, who apparently needed massive amounts of therapy, envisioned it.

A billionaire known as Bertrand Zobrist has decided that the world is much too overpopulated, with over seven billion people in its many countries. Zobrist has made a deadly virus, that if released, can result in half the world’s population being killed.
Langdon and Brooks soon realize that in solving this current mystery, one wrong move will cost humanity everything we have ever known.

There are many twists and turns relating to death, disease, and how far the human race would go to save the world.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves action and adventure stories. The director, Ron Howard, who also directed The Davinci Code, has done another excellent job in creating a story that people love.

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