THS Model Congress Heads to Washington

Manan Manchanda
EE Co-News Editor

Last month, Trumbull Model Congress had the honor of attending Princeton Model Congress. These students were able to partake in heavy bill-debating that centered around real world issues, and were also able to meet and talk with one of our state senators, Chris Murphy, accompanied with an exclusive tour of Capitol Hill.

Model Congress gives high school students an opportunity to learn about, experience, and live under the American legislative system. Princeton Model Congress consists of small, specialized committees of approximately 15-20 students created after the actual committees in the U.S. House and Senate. Delegates from all over the country present their bills in these specialized committees using parliamentary procedure, the common debate procedure used by legislative bodies all over the globe. Bills passed in committee sessions earn consideration in the full House or Senate.

Those passed during full sessions reach the Princeton Model Congress president, modeling the United States president, who then decides with the cabinet whether or not to sign them into Princeton Model Congress Law.

img_0717Trumbull performed very well at the conference. The hours spent practicing, writing, amending, and finalizing bills finally paid off. 5 Trumbull Delegates won awards: Derek Marble, Senate Judiciary Committee, Honorable Mention; Cristina Catana, House Armed Services, Honorable Mention; Nick Marchenko, House Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Best Delegate; Ethan Bachand, House Energy and Commerce, Honorable Mention; Cristina Catana was also an Honorable Mention in the House Full session, which was a first for Trumbull High.

Ms. Boland reflects on the amazing experience, “For four days, Trumbull High students were able to simulate the US Congress where it actually happens – Washington DC. It was great to see the students so involved in their committees to try and get their own bill pass through committee as well as negotiate other legislation with students from all over the country.”

Ethan Bachand, co-president of the club, tells us about his experience, “Overall, Princeton was a truly great experience. I was a little nervous seeing as we never have been to this conference before, but it turned out to be truly great. The level of competition was higher than I have ever seen, and challenged me to bring my best. To cap it off with an award at the end of the conference truly made it a great weekend.”

Students were also given a tour of Washington D.C., visiting The White House, Korean War Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, and many other landmarks. Lots of photos were taken and it was an enjoyable experience and a break from heavy bill debating and discussion of controversial issues.

Nick Marchenko, a best delegate award winner, also tells us about his experience, “Princeton Model Congress was a great experience because it allows students to voice their opinions and ideas about nation’s problems. In my small business and entrepreneurship committee, I debated issues of regulation, economics, and banking, and I loved every second of it.”

Finally, Derek Marble, an executive board member, leaves us with a final note, “Princeton Model Congress was probably my favorite trip I have ever done with our club. Not only did the team get to have a private tour of the Capitol Building from one of our own state senators, but the debate I had with other high schoolers from around the country was absolutely fantastic. Participating in the Judiciary committee allowed me to discuss and learn about many different issues regarding the Constitution and the rights of American citizens. I can’t wait for our next two conferences this year.”

Princeton Model Congress was definitely a success for Trumbull High. As the club continues to grow, we hope that the team will be able to perform to its highest abilities in two upcoming conferences this year.

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