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The iPhone 7

Christina Yacoub ‘17
EE Co-Opinions Editor

With iPhone sales falling short in the most recent fiscal quarter, the question needs to be posed: is the iPhone the best smartphone on the market? Apple is adding superficial adjustments like more emojis and message effects, however the price continues to be exponentially higher than the previous model. It seems as though the era of Apple innovation has concluded. Apple is barely keeping up with the technology of the Samsung Galaxy series. So why is it that year after year people line up to get the newest iPhone?

The answer is simple: it’s totally worth it!  Apple removed the home button and there are five colors now available for purchase: glossy jet black, gold, silver, rose gold, and black. The iPhone 7 is water resistant and has a more colorful body.

Even though it is technically water resistant, you can break your iPhone if you drop it underwater for over a half hour. Additionally, the iPhone is constructed with an aluminum body, as always. Apple has also removed the audio jack so it is impossible to charge your device and listen to music unless you have a pair of bluetooth earbuds.

The lightning cable is probably the most unnecessary adjustment. As advertised, the speakers have been made more powerful and louder.  According to Trusted Reviews, the iPhone 7 battery is significantly worse than the iPhone 6. I think I speak for everyone when I say I would give up any of the new features for an improved battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is metal and contains curved glass. It has a slightly larger screen and is 14 grams heavier. Nevertheless, the curved back conforms to fit in your hand, thus improving the grip on the fairly large device. The Galaxy S7 is slightly more water and dust resistant. It also has fast charging options and a longer lasting battery. For the most part, the cameras and resolution are equal. In terms of attractiveness, the Galaxy has a fresher look, thus gaining the upper hand in the category.

Perhaps Apple succeeds based on their classic advertisements. They’re simple, heartfelt, and don’t really advertise the product. The Frankenstein figure poorly singing a Christmas carol for his town was completely illogical. What were they advertising, voice memos? Who wants to buy a phone based on voice memos? That’s not to say that Lil Wayne pouring champagne on his new Samsung Galaxy is a superior marketing approach.

Unfortunately, strange commercials are memorable and so that’s the approach, just make something people won’t forget in five minutes. Commercials are objective and depend greatly on their audience, therefore a conclusive statement on which method is better is not possible for me to make.

Overall, the two smartphones are pretty similar in pricing and and quality. The iPhone is still the most widely used phone in the United States. The majority of students prefer iPhones, praising the simplicity of the phone. Senior Salena Hingorani, who used to have a Samsung Galaxy, claims that,“iPhones are just easier to use because everyone else has one and iMessage makes communicating with friends so much easier.” Obviously, it is convenient to use iMessage, FaceTime and other Apple applications. Ultimately, the simplicity of the design is more favorable than the more complex Android software.

People want an easy to use and functional phone that allows them to communicate efficiently. Even in a dead zone, as long as WiFi is available, like at Trumbull High, texting and FaceTime are available for iPhone users. The fact that everyone else has an iPhone encourages others to continue buying Apple products.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is well aware of this fact. It seems as though the Apple executives are trying to sell the same product with no innovative adjustments and see if people will still spend hundreds on the release day. And the answer is yes, they will, but for how long can the scheme continue before Google and Samsung’s phones become the better choice?

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