End of Marching Band leads to Start of Winter Percussion

Julia Esposito ‘18
EE Staff Writer

what-goes-upRecently, the Golden Eagle Marching Band season has come to an end. With an amazing season, the THSGEMB finished off at their final show at Metlife Stadium, where they once again took the first place trophy!

You may be wondering: what do all of the marching band members do now that band is finally over? Many have to wait until next May for the new season of marching band to start, but others, such as the color guard and percussion sections of the band, don’t.

Specifically, the percussion section of the band has their very own continuation of marching band that goes throughout the winter season: winter percussion.

Although similar to regular marching band in the rehearsal hours and hard work, winter percussion is slightly different than the fall season. Winter percussion is made up of the front ensemble and the drumline. In winter percussion, the members get new music to learn in the few months given to them before the winter competition season starts.

Just like many other winter sports, every competition takes place inside. Because of this, the winter percussion show takes place on a floor much smaller than that of a football field, which is where they perform during the fall season. The music comes entirely from the players. Like marching band, there is also a visual aspect to each show.

Each show has a theme and sometimes even a storyline to make the audience entertained. For example, last year, the show was called What Goes Up, and the song selection and visual aspects of the show focused on things that go up, and featured songs from the actual movie, Up.

Because there is such a smaller area, too, the members must really act in accordance to the music, and sell the show with props, facial expressions, and dramatic movement. Overall, winter percussion is a season of band that solely includes the percussion, where they bring music and visual together to create a general effect of awe in whoever is viewing the show.

So, as the band season ends, the new winter percussion season now begins.

The show this year is not yet completed, yet based on previous years and the previous marching band season, it will likely be amazing. The students are currently working hard on bringing the show together to create a masterpiece that may go on and win many of the competitions that the winter percussion will go out and perform in.

Even though winter percussion is a lot of work, many of the members are excited for it. Senior, Lena Thomas, said, “Winter percussion is really stressful, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.” She isn’t the only one.

Magda Wiszniewska, a junior in the front ensemble, said, “I love it because it’s like a second family. All of it is just really fun.” Overall, the members of percussion cannot wait to put the show together and have another amazing season.

The start of winter marks the start of winter percussion and the continuation of marching band for the percussion section. The winter percussion season starts now, and tends to end in mid-April with the annual trip to championships in Dayton, Ohio. This year’s show is sure to be interesting, so make sure to look out for it!

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