Chambers Spread Cheer over The Holiday Season

Jessica Parillo ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor

The month of December was an exciting one for the Trumbull High School Chamber Singers, who have been busy with performances this winter. After weeks of daily practice and even after school rehearsals, they had multiple opportunities to showcase their hard work and spread some holiday cheer.

    Under the direction of Ms. Anne Tornillo, the Chambers performed a comprehensive list of festive pieces. Included were classics such as Deck the Halls (Shaw) and Silver Bells (Livingston and Evans), as well as two Latin pieces, Verbum Caro Factum Est (Leavitt) and Gaudete (Burrows). The men and women were each featured with their own respective songs, and the group concluded their set list with an upbeat jazz arrangement of O Christmas Tree (Shaw).

    All songs were performed a capella, some with the addition of percussion accessories such as the hand drum and shakers, which were provided by members of the group.

    On Wednesday, December 7th the Chamber Singers kicked off the holiday season with a performance at the Renaissance in Shelton, where their music was well received by the residents of the apartment building. The following day, the Chambers performed at Testo’s restaurant for the Retired Teacher’s Luncheon, and were happy to see some familiar faces.

    “As a chamber singer, one of my favorite activities is going into different events within the community to perform,” says Senior Nick Gomez-Colon. “It’s a fun way that we as singers come together and also provide people young and old a performance of wonderful music.”

    This was especially true for the Chamber Singers’ most recent performance at Stern Village, where they had the opportunity to lighten up the seniors’ day with an afternoon of music.

    “I never really knew whether or not singing made that much of a difference in people’s lives, but being able to see the smiling faces on the elderly made the experience so much better,” says Senior Conner Gilson. “Having such an effect on people and just making a person’s day better through singing is probably my favorite part of it all.”

    The experience proved rewarding to both parties involved, and many agreed that the best part of the performance was the impromptu sing-along in which the seniors and students sang Silent Night together.

    “We made their day by singing, and it’s a humbling and joyous feeling…You know that your hard work has paid off when you see people smiling in the audience,” commented Junior Helen Samoskevich.

    Singing is something special to the Chambers group, and they love being able to give the gift of music to their community this holiday season. They have really become a family through all of their hard work this year.

    “I love coming to Chambers every day to see my friends and share a common passion of singing,” Gilson continued. “With my high school singing career coming to an end I just want to make every moment count and give it my all so that this is something I can remember for years to come. I’m really going to miss it.”

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