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Kate Ariano ’18
EE Features Editor

FocusSenior year: a time when your Focus diverts from school work to trying to Be Cappy. All the BANT about college is almost over and you are ready to Bounce(ball) out of herein The midst of all the chaos of life, you’re just trying to “Always Stay Happy”. But not without first purchasing merchandise from one of the several brands started by your peers! For the guys at Focus Outfitters especially, their senior year is about chasing their dreams.

“We have had a vision for our company since April of 2016, but after weeks of planning and designing, we couldn’t take off. But that dream never died. 6 months later, we got together and said, we are going to do this Now or Never- and Focus Outfitters was born” say Focus Outfitters co-founders Nick Marchenko, David Marchenko, and Chris Lancia.

Now or Never is the first of the team’s three collections, followed by Focus in Color, Elementary, Focus in Color 2.0, and Squid Szn. The ‘baby blues’ and ‘bubble gum pinks’ from Focus in Color made a reappearance in the 2.0 release, in addition to the new ‘fire and ice’ hoodie. This collection as well as the Squid Szn items and their pastel hues have become synonymous with the brand as students have showcased the shades throughout the building.

One of the brand’s many fans and entrepreneur herself, Ashley Storino, comments, “They had an idea and they went after it, they’re really ambitious guys who want to actually make something for themselves and spread their story. It’s cool how they went from just joking ideas to actually making products and finding ways to sell them because a lot of people don’t actually take the next step and they did.”

The drive that these guys have has evidently spread to their peers as well. Neal Keklik’s BounceBall continues to soar higher and higher, the BANT boys keep making their stickers, the jewelry line “Always Stay Happy” by Ashley Storino just launched, and to top it all off, the proceeds from the embroidered hats at Be Cappy by Amelia Crosley support The Water Project.

As far as the future of Focus Outfitters go, the guys’ long term goals are getting more attainable as the popularity of the brand increases. “To be honest, we are really trying to have a revolution. Money doesn’t rule in this situation. We want people from everywhere believing and becoming apart of our team. We want something different…We want to have many stores on the beach, surfer dudes skating with our strings and enjoying the company with our loved ones” explains CEO and co-founder, Nick Marchenko. Trends can die pretty quickly, but as far as Focus Outfitters goes, students can’t take their focus off of the brand! The ambitions of the guys and the goals of the company are clear, as they explain how it “…was founded on one simple principle: chase the vision and do whatever it takes to turn a dream into reality.”

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