Samsung Galaxy S8: Super Smartphone!

Manya Kidambi ’18
EE Co-Managing Editor


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next phone in Samsung’s lineup.

On March 29, information about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was finally revealed to the public, giving consumers a myriad of reasons why it may be the most technologically advanced smartphone on the planet. The release date for this new phone is said to be April 21, so look out world, here it comes!

At a starting price of $720, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the market’s most expensive smartphone. There are many reasons why it is priced so high, however.

Obviously, it is a new phone, and the initial sales will generate the most revenue, as customers scramble to see who will get the first one, and who will be the first to use it and report back on it.

Another reason for this high price is certainly the amount of storage given to the user. Rather than starting at 32GB, the S8 will start at 64GB, allowing more rooms for photos, videos, music, and more.

Undoubtedly, the amount of storage on this phone is a good reason to purchase it. There is no reason to worry about exceeding the amount of space in the phone, and those who purchase it have enough room to download a plethora of apps.
A rear – mounted fingerprint sensor is also part of the phone, and this is certainly different compared to previous Samsung phones, where the fingerprint sensor was located on the front on the home button.

Interestingly, the display sizes of the phones are 5.8 and 6.2 inches respectively. This is 0.7 inches larger than the S7, which is beneficial to those who want a larger screen.

It is important to note that this phone “is still by far the most compact 6.2-inch smartphone ever made. Samsung has achieved this by dramatically trimming down the top and bottom bezels to create fascias which are now nearly all display.”
Although this phone is certainly an amazing buy, there are definitely aspects to it that may not necessarily be a good thing. For one, the phone can certainly be considered too big by some, who believe that the current size of phones such as the iPhone are favorable.

Furthermore, the resolutions of the phones are 1080p, so it is not any more impressive than previous displays. The fact that the resolution can be increased may be a positive point, but it may drain battery life. As always, battery life is one of the major concerns of smartphone consumers, because productivity is not possible without a decent battery life.

In truth, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is truly an original phone that may be considered the most technologically advanced smartphone on the planet.

Although there are some aspects of it that may not necessarily be any different from the S7, it is evident that this new phone is something to anticipate.

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