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Trumbull High students created an uproar due to the ban of the one thing most important to them, social media. Just a few weeks ago, Trumbull High seemed to have banned all social media.

Students are not happy and have become increasingly frustrated due to the alleged social media ban. It seems that Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have been blocked. Many students believe that this was put into place to make them less distracted and more focused in class. Understandably, they are not happy about it.

“I think everyone here is old enough to take responsibility of their own education and if they can’t pay attention for 45 minutes without their cell phone and the school needs to block it , then they aren’t ready to go to college.” says senior Sarah Koury.
An almost greater issue of this ban is due to the fact that apps such as Spotify and Pandora do not work. Many students feel that this impacts their learning and happiness at school because they cannot focus and quietly listen to music when doing classwork and homework.

“I listen to music to help me focus and avoid outside distractions. I actually use it to help me do work and it was taken away for me. I understand why they’d ban social media, I mean, it can be a distraction, but not Spotify. It actually helps me,” says senior Eva Stelman. Since music apps like Spotify aren’t social media, students like Eva don’t understand why it would need to be banned. However, it turns out the so called “social media ban” is not a ban at all.

“There has been a lot of traffic for Google Classroom, therefore there is priority for apps like that,” according to Technology Specialist Mrs.Scrofani. The new technological change is due to the thousands of devices connected to the wifi, which creates a backup for users. Therefore, documents on crucial education apps like Google Classroom, Quizlet and Turnitin are used first before a social media site.

“This has nothing to do with banning social media, students have the freedom to use their phone in their free time, it is solely the fact that a paper gets sent before a Snapchat,” said Mrs. Scrofani Technology specialist.
People are unaware of the staggering amount of devices connected to the school WiFi, therefore specific actions like this must be put in place to control the data traffic.

There will be work done over the summer to increase the capacity of the capacity of the school’s wifi, which
will further help the data issue. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a social media ban to detach students from their phone. It is merely making school related tasks online easier and more efficient.

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