ModCon Has Bos-TON of Fun!

Ethan Bachand ’18
EE Co-News Editor

Last month, the Model Congress team traveled up to Boston, Massachusetts for the country’s premier competition hosted by Harvard University. Over the course of a 4 day weekend, members debated and proposed legislation on some of the most pressing issues facing America today. This was the first time our club participated in this particular conference, walking away with six awards overall.

Right from the start, the competition was like nothing the club had ever seen before. Even with its biggest contingency ever of 26 students, the massive size of the conference could immediately be seen.

“You could tell as soon as you walked into the lobby that this was a big deal. There were hundreds of kids just walking around ready to go, yet the competition did not start for another two hours. It was intimidating seeing how intense many of the other schools were.” said junior Larry Zhang.

However, that would not deter the Trumbull team. The mix of veterans and first timers were well prepared for the challenging weekend that was ahead of them. Only two hours after arriving at the hotel, the club was off to the first round of committee sessions. Topics ranged from handling the Flint, Michigan water crisis to bailing out Brazil in its time of economic turmoil.
One of the founding members and board members of the club,Cristina Catana, commented on adapting to the Harvard format in the first couple of days. “There was definitely a learning curve to the conference, even for someone who has done this many times before. These were all new people who we have never competed against before. But once we got past the first committee session everyone felt comfortable.”

The debate would continue all through the weekend, with a highlight being the crisis that every committee faced on Saturday night. In a surprise EMP attack by North Korea, each delegate had to think of creative ways to protect the American people. Catana would remark this as “One of the best parts of my Model Congress career.”

The only order of business left to attend to on Sunday was the award ceremony, the most nerve racking part of the weekend. Surely enough, one by one students were being called up for awards. In the final tally, six students would walk away with awards, four of which were competing at a Model Congress conference for their first time.

After an extremely successful weekend, the club now looks forward to Penn Model Congress, where the team will attempt to win the best small delegation award. For now, it will enjoy its achievements from the last conference, as it was an experience no one on the trip will ever forget.

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