Eagles Fly Away From the Nest

Ethan Bachand ‘18
EE Co-News Editor

Every year, one of the most exciting parts of May is looking back on where seniors were accepted to college and what schools got the most applicants. The Class of 2017 did not leave us bored, as this year’s departing seniors had a combination of tradition, new territory, and continued high degrees of excellence.

Like every year, there was the annual outflux of students to the most popular college in Connecticut: UConn. With the added benefit of having a sports team that almost guarantees a victory every time that they play, the school boasts over 32,000 enrolled students , which provides the big school feeling that is still close to home. Students from Trumbull have always applied and attended UConn, especially Storrs, in great numbers.

Mrs. Hilser, the School Counseling Department Chair for Trumbull High, noted that this is primarily due to the size of our school: “We send a lot of students to UConn, and because we are one of the largest high schools in the state Connecticut, we tend to send more students than any of the other high schools in the state.”

Yet something that has begun to develop is that acceptance into UConn may no longer be as easy as it once was. As Mrs. Hilser would go on to state, “UConn is getting more challenging each year, and getting accepted to the Storrs campus is becoming more and more challenging. They really look at the top 20% of the class, so sometimes we have really bright, smart kids in the top 30 or 40% of their class, and they are not getting admitted to UConn just because it has become so competitive.”

As some doors may be closing, other schools and opportunity have presented themselves. More specifically two name brand schools have begun to emerge as new favorites for students to apply to: The Ohio State University and the University of Alabama.

“The Ohio State University has jumped off the radar these past couple of years”, said Mrs. Hilser, “This year we had 20 students apply there, last year we had 16, and years before that it was always in the single digits. For some reason, Ohio State has kind of come on the map as a popular choice for students… The University of Alabama has picked up in popularity of the past few years… we had 11 students apply this year.”

What could cause an increase such as this? There is one common thread between the two schools, and that is football. Both schools have gone on to win National Titles recently, with Ohio State winning in 2014 and Alabama winning in 2015. Though there may be a variety a variety of factors that have made these schools more appealing, this is simply a fun idea to take note of.

While schools such as the University of Delaware, Northeastern, and the University of Maryland have continued to draw the same attention as always, there were some major breakthroughs this year.
One of which included Northwestern, where no Trumbull High School students had been accepted in a very long time. “For the first time in a long time someone was accepted to Northwestern,” Mrs. Hilser said, “which may not be an Ivy league but it is a incredibly prestigious and competive school.”

Northwestern was not the only big name school that Trumbull High School students were admitted to. Some of which included are Amherst, Williams, Georgetown, and Notre Dame.

Then there comes the big time: Ivy League Schools. Those schools that everyone dreams of getting into. Whether it be the streets of New Haven or the avenues of Cambridge, academic scholars always set their eyes on these top tier universities.

This year’s class performed extraordinarily well, with admissions to 6 out of the 8 Ivys. The list consists of Brown, Dartmouth, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Princeton.

So what is left to say about those students whose schools are not included in this article. Though there has been a wide variety of schools that were just covered, there are still hundreds of seniors going to a wide variety of schools across the nation. So what did Mrs. Hilser have to say about them?
“Our kids are continuing to do well. A lot of them get into their first choice college, if not their first choice often time their second choice college. We try to work with them to choose wisely and try to choose schools that are going to be a good fit … to insure they get into schools that will work with them … I get excited for students that find a school that they love when they get into. Whether it’s the tippy top school, a mid level school, or even a less competitive school that it’s a great fit.”
She is absolutely right, because at the end of the day all that matters is that our seniors are getting a chance to go to a college that will make them happy. Hopefully, all of them found that. See you later Class of 2017.

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