The Show Goes On!

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Senior Features Editor

Nick Gomez-Colon introduces his composition prior to it’s performance.

The choir without a doubt performed a joyful show for their audience last Tuesday, leaving the crowd in smiles and tears as it was the graduating seniors’ last show of their high school career.

After being postponed from the original May 18 date due to issues with the air conditioning system in the auditorium, the choir concert was nothing short of successful this time around. A couple songs in the program like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Balleilakka” featured new and exciting choreography from students Colin McLevy and Kavya Ganugapati. The audience commenced into cheers and laughs that rang throughout the auditorium.

“I listened to the song a lot and kinda tried to put the rhythm of it and my thoughts in my head into movement. What I came up with was in the feel of the song as well as lighthearted and fun for both the singers and the audience. It was nice knowing the movements were fun for everyone to do” says McLevy.

The performance became emotional as all thirty one soon-to-be-graduates were recognized while Mrs. T gave her farewell speech to them all. However for one senior in particular, it would be a night he would always remember: the night his own composition was debuted and sung by the concert choir.

“Walking up in front of that standing crowd was just the most insane experience of my life. Very exhilarating, I had the biggest smile on my face, tears were coming down my face. It was such an unimaginable feeling knowing that, ‘Oh my god. This amazing choir just sang this amazing piece. And I wrote it’” comments senior Nicolas Gomez-Colon.

The performance of Gomez-Colon’s “Kuimba Pamoja!” kicked off with a standing ovation for the musician. He then explained to the audience the significance of his piece and what the lyrics mean in their native language. A humble smile was never absent from his face while Gomez-Colon played the drum to accompany the song.

The composer himself explains, “The text ‘kuimba pamoja’ is Swahili for come and sing together…One of the main themes of the song is ‘tumekuja kuimba, imbeni kama kwaya’ which is Swahili for we have come to sing together, come to sing together as a choir…The text doesn’t go much beyond that because…I wanted to have a very simple yet constant theme that the choir could focus on so that they could focus more on the piece itself and enjoying the aspect of singing together as a choir with one another.”

And that they did, as well as the audience and very proud teacher, Mrs. T, with whom Gomez-Colon had been doing concert choir since his sophomore year. It was here that he first heard the song ‘Kuimba’ by Victor Johnson which gave him the inspiration to create a piece like it of his own. His inspired spirit will continue to take him on new journeys as this fall, Gomez-Colon will be studying composition at the University of Delaware.

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