Students Slay Spirit Week

Seniors Kavya Ganugapati, Neha Rahalkar, Nancie Ziegler, and Megha Shankar

Rohit Gunda ‘21
EE Staff Writer

This year’s Spirit Week, which lasted from October 16 to October 20, was a huge success! Every year, the school community comes together to show their school pride by dressing up each day according to different themes. From people with crazy amounts of face paint to fake dinosaurs running around the halls, this week was surely one to remember.

On Monday, THS participated in USA Day. Students wore red, white, and blue to show school spirit as well as pride for our country. During lunch, the whole cafeteria was a sea of red, white, and blue.

On Tuesday, THS participated in Decades Day, where students dressed in outfits from their favorite decade. Many people wore leather jackets from the 50s, neon yoga pants from the 80s, and tuxedos from the roarin’ 20s. This was a very diverse day with a huge variety in clothing.

During the middle of the week. Wednesday was color wars! Freshmen wore green, sophomores wore red, juniors wore blue, and seniors wore white.

On Thursday, the school held its Sponsor-a Senior Day!.Many seniors wore costumes such as dinosaurs, the queen’s guard, and even boxer. This was a great day to lift many spirits and to give a laugh to those who needed it.

“My favorite part about Spirit Week was being able to dress up as a green M & M for Sponsor-a-Senior. Even though I changed for my college interview later that day, it was interesting walking in with green glitter still in my hair,” senior Sarah Margolnick said.

Finally, Friday was the school Pep Rally. Students wore black and gold to represent our school.

The Pep Rally started with an excellent performance from the award winning Golden Eagle Marching Band who placed 3rd at the Bands of America competition this year and won the US Bands competition title last year! Then, all the varsity sports teams were introduced and walked out to tons of cheering.

After the introduction of the sports teams, were a couple games of Can-Jam and a basketball challenge. In this challenge, pairs of students and teachers had to shoot a layup, a free throw, and a three pointer. Whoever made all of them them first won.
Next, there was a dance competition where 2 groups danced to songs of their choice followed by an awesome cheerleading performance. Finally, a raffle was hosted to see who would win the Beats headphones.

After the winner was announced, Spirit Week was finally over. This was truly a memorable week for all of THS including staff and students.

“I really love Spirit Week – it gives everyone a chance to show their creativity with exciting costumes to match the theme of the day,” senior Julia Esposito said.

So, what do you expect to see during next year’s Spirit Week? Will it be crazier? Only time will tell, but we can be certain that Spirit Week will be an enjoyable experience for all of THS, whether it be the students or staff.

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