And The Cows Go Boo

Archana Ajay ‘18
EE Head Lifestyle Reporter

Every year, the Trumbull Agriscience and Biotechnology Center get together and set up Farm Fair. Members of the Trumbull community came to support the Agriscience center, while enjoying all the things that the center has to offer. People toured the farm and visited the horses, alpacas, llamas, and sheep all located at the farm.

“I think what people love most about farm fair are the animals— especially the sheep and the horses!” Makayla Albert, a senior in Animal science, says.

All year, the upperclassmen in Equine and Animal science take care of the llamas, alpacas, sheep, and other animals in the farm, and at Farm Fair, several students help to take care of the animals, cleaning their pens and giving a tour of the farmhouse.

In addition to touring the farmhouse, students got the chance to showcase their own personal, entrepreneurial projects.
Students in the Agriscience center all need to complete an SAE throughout their four years in the program, which can range from volunteer work to creating their own entrepreneurial project.
Farm Fair gives these students the chance to sell and advertise these products. Kelsey Hehir, a senior in the Animal program, takes photos of the farm and sells them at the events at Agriscience.

“Personally, Farm Fair and other events work great for the Agriscience students, and people love to see what we do here. It’s also a lot of fun to see what other people are working on, and gives me a chance to showcase what I’ve been working on,” Hehir said.

Students also volunteered to help out at the haunted house, which ran throughout the day. It took place in the floral design lab, which the students decorated themselves. Then, several teens dressed up in scary Halloween costumes to scare incomers.
Michael Richardson, a junior in biotechnology, helped out.

“I think the haunted house is the best part of Farm Fair. It’s always super fun, and people really seem to enjoy it,” Richardson said.

Overall, it was a success, and it was the highlight of the fair. Farm Fair is an exciting time for Agriscience students and the people who come to visit.

As Navya Ajay, a sophomore, says, “It was the first event that I went to at agriscience… where I got to see what this program is really about.”

It’s an event that brings our community together; where people with various interests and different focuses in agriculture come together to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of the students.

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