Trumbull Percussion rEVOLutionizes Music

Jessica Parillo ‘18
EE Co-Editor in Chief

Winter break isn’t always a time for relaxation. While most students were sleeping in, the Trumbull High Percussion ensemble spent the last week of December rehearsing for over 15 hours in preparation for their 2018 program. This year’s show, titled EVOL, is a musical representation of the struggle between love and evil. Featured songs include “To Be Human” (Sia), “Who dat Boi” (Tyler the Creator), and “Love” (Kendrick Lamar). The music was arranged by writers Henry Gillard and Chris Whyte.
The ensemble will be kicking off the season in style with new System Blue Drums, recently purchased by the school. The update was very well received by the group, who had spent the past two years appealing for new instruments. This year’s lineup will also incorporate 4 marching tom drums, known as “flubs”, which will give the ensemble a unique sound compared to other groups.

“We really appreciate Mr. Horton fighting to get us new drums for this upcoming season,” said Morgan Kiely (‘19). “We are really looking forward to representing the school this year at the Dayton competition.”

In addition to the new equipment, THS Percussion will also be welcoming some new technicians who have experience working at other high schools and even marching with professional drum corps such as Cadets 2. Under the direction of Caption Head Austin Avery, as well as student Drum Captains Will Hnatuk and Rudy Kurup, the ensemble is gearing up for an exciting season.
“I really enjoy winter percussion especially with the new staff. We work very hard and are hoping for a great outcome in Dayton,” said Hunter Kadish (‘19).

Although THS Winter Percussion is shaping up to be a premiere music ensemble, the group seems to have trouble acquiring practice space, having to constantly move around during rehearsal to accommodate other THS activities. Heavy instruments and equipment make it difficult for the musicians to relocate.

“I wish the school would give us more practice space,” Kadish continued. “It doesn’t seem right that we have such a talented group of young musicians and not have sufficient practice space.”

Even so, the group is looking forward to the next few months. “I think this year is going to be one of Trumbull’s best yet. We have talented and dedicated players and staff. I can’t wait to see the progression throughout the season,” said Dan Parillo (‘19).
The group’s first show will take place at Masuk High School on February 3rd. Before then, be sure to support THS Percussion at their parent preview show whose date will be announced within the coming weeks. After winning 8th place at WGI Sport of the Arts National Competition hosted at Dayton Arena this past spring, the ensemble is hoping to medal this year. With a rigorous practice schedule and fresh faces, this season is looking to be a rewarding one.

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