A Golden Performance Coast to Coast

Christine Jorquera ’18
Kayleigh Fleming ’18
EE Contibutors

While most students were on vacation or just at home during spring break, members ofthe choir took a trip out west to San Francisco. The choir performed at Grace Cathedral, Mission Dolores Basilica, and Stanford University. Besides performing, here were opportunities to go sightseeing as well.

Highlights of the trip included, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Muir Woods, Sausalito, and Monterey. When there was free time, members of the choir would walk on the pier and through the streets near their hotel. Senior Julie Spillane commented on her experience out in San Francisco.

“In San Francisco we woke up super early because we did so much everyday. My favorite things were our visit to Alcatraz and getting free time to hang out in parks or on the beach,” she said.

With the final quarter of the school year having arrived, seniors are booking their weekends full of activities to make these last few months count. The trip was the perfect opportunity for senior students to cherish and enjoy this unique experience with those closest to them.

“I’m really sad that this was my second and last choir trip, but I’m so glad with how it went. I had an amazing time with some of my best friends and I honestly could not think of a better way to spend my last April break in high school,” said senior Brooklyn Cenatiempo.

The choir trip was an incredible trip for members of the choir program. Some never visiting San Francisco were able to experience it for the first time with their friends. Reflecting on her experience sophomore Lila Usher felt that it was an incredible trip.

“It was an amazing experience. We were always doing something fun and we were never bored,” she stated.

Members of the choir enjoying time out in the sun near San Francisco Bay. Pictured from left to right: Andrew Spillane, Julie Spillane, Carlos Perez, Ashley Anderson, Christopher Conaway, Nathan Depinto, and Jacqueline Mate.

For seniors, these are the memories they will be looking back on for years to come and there was no better way to spend April break than with the people they felt most comfortable and at home with. For rising choir students, it only further encourages them to know that their hard work and dedication will lead them to greater and bigger things in life.

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