Trumbull Model Congress Wins Best Small Delegation

Manan Manchanda ‘19
EE Senior News Editor
James Dubreuil ‘19
EE Staff Writer

From March 22 to 25, Trumbull High’s Model Congress Team brought their Varsity Squad down to Philadelphia to compete in the University of Pennsylvania Model Congress competition. With more than 700 delegates in attendance, these 14 students competed among the brightest minds from over 45 schools across the nation. In just 4 short years, Trumbull Model Congress went from being a club of just 8 members to coming home with the prestigious Best Small Delegation award at their 10th conference.

Model Congress gives thousands of students across the nation a chance to engage in debate and critical thinking on some of the the most pressing issues in the country. 14 elite students from Trumbull created bills in their specialized committees, which are modeled after actual committees in Congress. Over the course of the conference, students debate within their own committee, ranging anywhere from 12-20 delegates, and passed legislation moves on to the Full Session. This is a conglomeration of 5 different committees, where debate is usually to a higher caliber and requires delegates to think on their feet, provide ample evidence for their arguments, and work together to get legislation passed.

Bills can also be signed into law by the work of the President and his Cabinet. Legislation passed in Full Session moves to the Executive Branch, where a top tier of students advise the President on whether or not to pass bills into law. 2 pieces of legislation from the Trumbull Delegation officially moved into Penn MC law: An Act to Enfranchise Convicted Felons written by senior Lawrence Zhang, and An Act to Limit the Application of the 10-Year Mandatory Minimum, written by junior Daniela Chuka.

At Penn Model Congress, students can also apply to run for president of the conference. Out of the many who applied, one of the team’s Co-Presidents, Ethan Bachand, was selected for the election. Bachand ended up placing third in the election, therefore taking the place of Secretary of State in the conference.

The Trumbull Model Congress Team began preparing for the trip to the University of Pennsylvania several weeks before the competition in an effort to earn the award for best small delegation. After just a short amount of time, the team’s preparation was already showing to be beneficial with two bills passing after just one committee session. By the end of the conference, Trumbull passed a record-setting 5 out of 5 bills in the Full Senate/House sessions, as well as passing 11 out of their 13 bills in their normal committee sessions.

“The hard work and dedication everyone put into this conference was amazing” said senior Laura Rosales. “Our combined effort and the confidence Ms. Boland had in us was the reason we walked away with the best small delegation award. Overall, this experience is one I will never forget.”

At the awards ceremony on Sunday morning, everybody had their hopes, waiting to see if their weeks of preparation had been worthwhile.

Even before being presented the award for best small delegation, “I’ve never been so proud of a group of students” said Advisor Ms. Boland. “They have tackled campaign finance, gun reform, the opioid crisis, granting felons the right to vote, minimum sentencing laws, and making community college more affordable to all. I’m so proud of our future leaders. Our country will be in good hands.”

By the end of the awards ceremony, Trumbull’s delegates had come away with 10 awards (6 Best Delegates in Committee, 3 Honorables Mentions in Committee, and 1 best Delegate in the Full Senate). With these 10 awards and the efforts of the rest of their delegation, Trumbull also came away as the Best Small Delegation of Penn Model Congress.

“Winning Best Small Delegation was truly a testament to all of our hard work over the past couple of months” said senior Derek Marble, Co-President of Trumbull Model Congress. “Model Congress has been the cornerstone of my high school experience, and it was amazing to see every single Trumbull High student rise to the occasion on my last ever conference.”

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