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Amaya Mikolič-Berrios ‘21
EE Staff Writer

Love, Simon is the not-so-classic love story that the world has been waiting for. This inspirational rom-com based on the novel Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli follows a closeted gay teenager named Simon struggling through life while carrying the secret of his sexuality, a burden that many can relate to.

The movie begins with a description of Simon and his daily life, but is shortly followed by the revelation that he is keeping “one huge-ass secret”. Conflict begins to rise with increasing dramatic irony in which the audience is aware of Simon’s sexuality but his peers are not. Blackmail, peer-pressure, and unwanted outing keeps readers on the edge of their seats and on the verge of tears.

An immense hurdle the directors of Love, Simon had to overcome was to make their story just that: a story. The fact that Simon was gay should not have been over accentuated, since the point of creating a movie based on a gay protagonist was to show what little differences there are between the LGBTQ community and heterosexuals. This was accomplished extraordinarily with the common format of a drama that the world has grown to love.

“In my opinion, ‘Love, Simon’ portrayed the gay community well. Although there were some characters who act like the gay stereotype, I believe that a lot of the community acts how Simon acts- a person who you can’t tell is gay until they tell you,” says a student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Another obstacle that the producers of Love, Simon conquered was Simon’s relatability to the audience. Simon’s character portrayed a closeted gay phenomenally.

Although everyone’s sexuality is different, Simon was able to depict a person who was confused and felt isolated as many often do feel when in a similar situation.

“Although Love, Simon did not give me the courage to re-out myself to my parents, the movie emphasizes the fact that most of society would now accept you if you decide to come out as gay, lesbian, bi, trans, etc. Though there are some people that would not accept or understand you overall, there is an overwhelming community who would,” explains the anonymous student.

The relatability to this film, especially for the gay audience, produced an often heart-wrenching effect. With several tear-worthy scenes to choose from, Love, Simon is nothing short of emotional. The terrifying obstacles that Simon has to overcome makes the emotional roller coaster of Simon’s coming out story full of sorrow, inspiration, and joy.

Love, Simon has an extraordinary effect on the whole audience, gay or otherwise. The unapologetic portrayal of such a relatable character is inspiring and emotional. This film is not one to miss and has finally given the world a lovable gay idol.

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