“Curtains” Closes on High Note

Jonathan Moreno ‘21
EE Staff Writer
Jessica Parillo ‘18
EE Co-Editor in Chief
Ethan Bachand ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor

After a successful two week run, the curtains have finally closed on Trumbull High’s 20th musical production. The cast of Curtains: The Musical Comedy Whodunit delighted audiences of all ages over the course of five performances from March 16th-24th.

When the leading lady of a theatre company dies under mysterious circumstances, the entire ensemble of this play-within-a-play is put under investigation by theatre-loving detective Frank Ciolfi. The result? Two hours of fun, drama, and everlasting suspense.

Under the direction of Trumbull High teachers Mrs. Jessica Spillane and Mrs. Shannon Bolan, students worked for three months in order to put on a phenomenal production. Other members of staff included choreographers Frank and Abby Root, as well as vocal coach Jerold Goldstein.

Male lead and senior Christopher Conaway gave a commendable performance as Lieutenant Ciolfi, bringing a bright personality to the role. His role was perfectly matched by freshman Rachel Weintraub, who played an outstanding Nikki Harris.
“The theatre program, to me, is a lot more than just learning lines and putting on a show. It’s an escape from reality,” said Conaway. “You get to become someone else and live another life. You get to learn about someone else’s story and try to connect to it. While doing all of this, you get to be with your closest friends.”

These feelings were shared by senior Rachel Salem, who captivated audiences with her strong vocal ability in the role of Carmen Bernstein, production manager. “It’s an amazing experience,” Salem said. “The musical brings everyone closer together.”

Other amazing performances were given by Harrison Gilberti (Aaron Fox), Jaqueline Mate (Georgia Hendricks), Julie Spillane (Bambi), Andy Spillane (Bobby Pepper), Carlos Perez (Oscar Shapiro) and Tom Leonard (Christopher Belling).

As it does every year, this marks the end of the line for a strong graduating class that has been heavily involved in the theater productions. Senior Mia McKinney had particularly fond memories of her experience, stating that “Curtains was particularly special to me because it as my final show at Trumbull high. After being a part of the theater program for 4 years, it was so bittersweet to close the curtain that final time. Words cannot describe the home that I have found with the theater department at this school and I feel so lucky to participate in something so great.”

For now, we must wait to see what the next show to come out of the Robert E. McCarthy will be. Yet we all know that one thing is certain: it will not let us down.

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