An Advanced Preview

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor

With over a week’s worth of snow days racked up, AP students have lost hours upon hours of in-class preparation time for the upcoming exams. Since May’s tests will not be moved, teachers are pressed for time, adjusting curriculum to ensure their students learn the material they need to succeed. So, how can this year’s 972 AP class participates be ready in time for exams?
As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and in this case, perfect is the goal of earning credit on those AP tests, making all the work worthwhile. So long as a student receives a three or higher out of five total, chances are they can get college credit for that class and/or be considered for higher level courses at most nearly all universities and colleges, according to the College Board.

“Advanced placement classes expose students not only to the workload of college classes, but the style of instruction as well. In APs, students are much more independent. It teaches them time management and responsibility, which are both super important in college” senior Michelle Pavloff said. Throughout her four years, Pavloff has been enrolled in six APs and after May, will have taken five of the exams.
Since 2015, participation in AP courses has increased almost 100% according to curriculum, instruction, and assessments director, Jonathan Budd. This influx of involvement is due to the recent push for more students to enroll in AP courses. As of next year, juniors will have only the option of ACP or AP english class.

“I think in theory, the elimination of honors helps us come to a place in this school where tracking might be something of the past. I do think it’s important to challenge students in all different ways and students are challenged at the different levels of the courses that we have already here,” said Budd. “Whether it’s CP, ACP, Honors, or AP, I do think it’s a paradigm shift that is going to be going on here at this school. It’s going to take flexibility with the students and with the teachers who teach the courses to make sure that we’re helping challenge student sin the right way.”

With more students pushing themselves to take APs than ever before, they will soon learn that high stakes exams like the AP test can be intimidating. Here are some tips to make the best use of studying opportunities!

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