Trumbull Agriscience Students Get First-Hand Experience in Lambing

Lucas Davis ‘18
Nancy Zeigler ‘18
EE Staff Writers

Spring is almost here and for the Trumbull Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology Center Honors Animal Science Class it is the most exciting time of the year: lambing season.

As of Thursday, March 15, seven of the eight ewes bred had given birth to a total of eight rams and five ewes.
The junior and senior students are learning a lot at the barn as they assist in lambing and raising the newborns. The students in class have been learning and preparing for months.

“The class experience helped with knowing the birthing process,” said Maddie Buzzeo a junior in the class, “because I knew what to expect what was to come from a normal birth and what was not normal”.
A unique part of the FFA and agricultural education is the hands on experience it provides. And the students of the Trumbull FFA chapter are seeing the importance of this hands on learning first hand.

Claire Cunningham, another junior, knows the importance of the hands on experience, and what it has taught her.
“To legitimately work with animals. That’s probably one of the greatest things about being in agriscience,” said Cunningham.
The Honors Animal Science Class is a two year course composed of juniors and seniors. The mix of grades offers a difference in experience among the members of the class and has a large contribution to how the class works.

The seniors, who have a year of experience in the class, are able to mentor the juniors in all the challenges faced on the farm that in-class instructions cannot always prepare the students for.

“The best part about having both seniors and juniors in the class is that we both learn from each other,” said Kelsey Heir, a senior.

The unique mixed grade class and daily hands on learning are things that make FFA and agricultural education a fun and effective way to learn.

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