All the Highs and Lo(u)ws

Lawrence Zhang ‘18
EE Staff Writer

There is an old adage that life is about the people you meet and relationships you make. From best friends, to marriage, to parent-child, there is no shortage of unbreakable bonds that everyone will experience during their lifetimes. However, there is a bond that a very miniscule percentage of people can attest to experiencing: the bond of identical twins. There are 2 students at Trumbull High that can lend some insight on that matter.

Julia and Lauren Louw, two of the captains of the tennis team, are fortunate enough to share the chemistry of twins. This is evident in their gameplay on the tennis court. For them, tennis is not only a game, but a sport that expresses their strong sibling relationship.

“Tennis is a game that has united my entire family, and has especially helped me bond with my sister Lauren,” Julia explains. “When we play doubles, I know she always has my back when I make a mistake and that level of trust is crucial when playing in matches.”
This idea of trust is what has propelled them towards the top of the team, not only in terms of ability, but in terms of leadership. As captains of the tennis team, their actions exemplify and represent what it means to be playing tennis.

“I’m just thankful for my family, friends, and coaches for blessing me with the opportunity to showcase my abilities and pass them on to the following generations. From previous captains including Christina Debenedetto and Keerthi Yalamanchili, Lauren and I have learned what it takes to lead alongside our other captain Unique Akinloye. Hopefully, I can do a superb job of passing along the baton when the time comes,” Julia continues.

Unfortunately, with their senior year coming to an end and their skills advancing, they are no longer able to enjoy the pleasure of playing doubles. As captains of the tennis team, they are expected to do whatever is necessary to put their team first. For them, that means being split up and playing in singles matches, fortifying their lineup as a whole.

In high school tennis, there are 4 singles matches in addition to 3 doubles matches in between schools. In order to win, it requires assembling the best lineup to win the most number of those matches as a whole. Essentially, it comes down to putting the team over individual affairs, and that’s exactly what the Louws have done.

As Lauren Louw prepares for her final season playing tennis, she looks forward to the new experience with an open mind. “Although I deeply loved playing doubles with Julia the past 3 years, this season will reflect our lives after this year. Seeing as we will both be attending different universities this next fall, I should start getting used to being out of the company of my sister. It all starts on the court.”

On the court, they certainly haven’t set the bar low for themselves. The Louws, naturally possessing strong-willed determination, have their eyes set on making school history and advancing the furthest in state history. As Lauren puts it, “It would be incredibly special to end my tennis career on a high note.”

Whether you believe in the old myths of twins or not, it cannot be denied that the Louws have something special. Although they will be making their own paths in the next step of their lives, their journey together is far from over. It is only the beginning.

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