A Life Saver in Every Student

Kaleigh Fleming ‘18
Christine Jorquera‘18
EE Staff Writers

This year’s annual blood drive event hosted by the Red Cross Club occurred on March 23 and received the largest number of students ever that signed up for the event.

Each year, club officers and members work all year long to organize the event in hopes of a great turn out. They are in charge of creating posters, working with the American Red Cross organization, and holding week-long sign ups. Many lives are greatly impacted by volunteers including club members and donors coming together to save the lives of people in need of a transfusion.

The efforts of our students proved to be a success with a record breaking total of 103 people signed up for the event as well as a record amount of received food donations to help replenish students who donated. Club advisor, Mr. Evans, has been part of this club for many years and supervised another successful blood drive. ` “Our student volunteers were professional, well organized, and our donors did an excellent job. The American Red Cross Supervisor told us that Trumbull High School is one of the most efficient and best prepared schools in the state when it comes to student blood drives,” says Mr. Evans.

It was estimated that 126 lives were saved due to the amount of blood that was donated by students. These contributions are vital to local hospitals and organizations who use donations to save people from life threatening situations. Co-president of the Red Cross Club, Julie Hyland, thought that the blood drive was an overall success.

“We were really excited for the blood drive this year because we had more people sign up than ever before. Unfortunately, the Red Cross wasn’t able to fully accommodate all of the donors, but they still got enough blood to save many lives,” she said.
Although there were not enough volunteers from the Red Cross to take in all the donors, there was a great quantity of blood donated that saved lives. It was impressive to see the amount of donors who turned out for the blood drive and made a contribution to someone else’s life.

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