Summer, Where You At?

Mishka Kapoor ‘21
EE Staff Writer

Summer. The one thing that every student wants more than anything. So why does it feel like summer is tomorrow when school’s not quite over yet?

With each day inching towards vacation, freedom, and fun, homework is the last thing on anyone’s mind. It becomes harder and harder to stay focused in class. The motivation to study is nowhere to be found. Teachers unwillingly write assignments on the board. Even the thought of taking finals is sickening.

Around this time of the year, the whole high school enters a funk, and it can get too easy to be sucked into summer filled thoughts while ignoring the pile of work that has to be completed.

So, how do the daydreams of beach days and endless weeks of excitement go away? How can students push through in the home stretch of their year, while keeping up their grades and activities?

Soumya Ganti, a junior, shares her struggle about finishing the year off strong.
“These last couple of weeks have been really stressful because I have AP exams, so I’ve had to juggle studying for those along with the regular tests and quizzes in my other classes,” She says. “After APs though, I can already feel myself getting into that lazier mood because the school year is almost over.”

Soumya, along with the rest of the juniors, had to take the SATs in April. With AP testing, classwork, homework, and other activities added to the mix, Soumya describes herself as “overwhelmed and strained”.
Thomas Capalbo, a freshman, describes his mindset about the school year.

“For me, it depends on the mood I’m in. I try to stay as focused as I can about my work, but I’m really just focused on the last school bell of the year,” Thomas says. “But my study habits have been the same as always. I try to get my work done so I have time for extracurricular activities.”

As a freshman, Thomas has had to adjust to the high school life while taking in the additional workload. It has not been an easy ride for anyone, so with the year coming to an end, only relief can be felt.

Clearly, there is a cloud hovering above each student while they push through the end of the long school year. With summer so close, everyone must find motivation to continue with their studies and work in a positive manner.

The question remains: can it be done?

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