New Turf, New Results?

Adam Tolk ‘19
EE Contributor

The boys’ soccer team’s home games will no longer be played in McDougall Stadium, but rather on the new turf field in a whole new setting. No longer will students and players walk through the familiar gates of “The Mac”. Will the new location and game times have an effect on the comfort and success of the team in the near future?

In previous years, the boys’ soccer team has had great success. In the 2016 season, they finished as FCIAC champs and ended the season with an undefeated record.

In 2017, they ended their season in a grueling FCIAC championship game, losing by only 1 goal to Greenwich
Such a finish may not seem like a success, however, it is evident that they are a premier team in the league due to their consistent championship runs.

This postseason success is in part to their dominance in the regular season, especially while playing at Trumbull High.
In the past two years, the team has only lost three games while playing in McDougall Stadium, raising some concern regarding the location change.

However, senior Jason Weinstein, captain of the varsity team, seemed nothing but ecstatic about the change:
“I love playing on the new turf because it’s a different atmosphere and allows the fans to be along the field which I really like.” He continued, “we have a smaller area to fill making it more compact and lively.”

Weinstein really seemed to love the idea of interacting with the fans. As far as winning goes, he thinks the change in scenery may even, “motivate our team,” as he believes it is their field to now protect.

Athletic Director Mike King seemed to have the same mindset as he said, “I think it is going to create a really cool environment because you are much closer to the field,” and even felt that the experience of a spectator would improve due to this.

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